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  1. generally one full game on warzone medium takes around 30-40 minutes depending on how good the teams are, and you get around 1800-2300 silver (ingame cash) so that means you'd have to grind for at least 7 full war zone games so that you could unlock one assault rifle, which is way too long regarding how much everything currently costs in game (usually 5,000+).
  2. Bepin


    SM has the lowest magnifcation, and MM has medium magnifaction. if you look at the MM it has a magnifier infront of the lens.
  3. Same here :c is there a way to reset loadouts or profiles?
  4. Bepin

    sniper nerfed?

    That wasn't an intended feature, so they fixed it.
  5. I thermal optics aren't OP, slower ADS, no peripheral vision, constant scanning. The only advantage I see for them is the ability to see through smoke, otherwise they're useless.
  6. For a early access game, World War 3 is far better then the majority of EA games out there. I'm surprised in the level of quality they release in terms of development time and gameplay; if I didn't know any better I would've said this was made by a major studio or corporation.
  7. check the new PTE it shows alot of the features that are coming out in the new patch.
  8. I enjoy the battlepoints system, it reminds me of Medal of Honor Warfighter's score system but I've noticed there isn't that many defensive scorestreaks aside from UAV and JAMMER UAV(which is useless). If there could be more variety to the score streaks instead of constant offensive rewards that would promote a lot more teamplay.
  9. Do you realize this is supposed to be a slow paced game? Not call of duty, if you complain about the current timings of the game you seriously are stupid.
  10. No, stop ruining games because you want it a "particular" way, go back to battlefield 5 if you want crippled womyn on the battlefield.
  11. I've never seen my armor break (the armor icons you mean), they're always full regardless of how many bullets I take.
  12. Armor needs a durability threshold , so that after a certain amount of hits your body armor becomes broken and you need to find a repair kit to fix the broken plates.
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