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  1. The 1:1 scale of the maps is starting to grow on me. Makes the world feel a little more real. That being said, how will this impact maps we see in the future? I would love to have vehicle based, bigger maps, with flyable vehicles as well, however, at 1:1 scale is this even possible? Plus how would you handle those who get stuck on foot in these maps? Looks like a tough road ahead for bigger vehicle based maps. what do you guys think?
  2. I'm done with this game... In fact let me get on the forum and say just how done with this game I am. I even think the devs should just give up... because ya know... I'm done with this game. lol, people man, people....
  3. Got an idea. If all the hits that kill you are in non- vital areas (rare but does happen), then your incapacitated instead of dying. Others can get you up with appropriate gear, but the process is time consuming. Add drag feature to haul em' to cover. If hits are in the vitals your dead... do not pass go, do not collect $200 Adds somewhat of a revive feature but still keeps the realism. Your buddy that just took a round to the face isn't coming back, i'm sorry.
  4. Your sentiment was shared by military generals when these discussions came up not too long ago. Against their wishes, all combat roles were opened up to woman as of 2015 (US military). I agree with you that psychologically, seeing woman killed in battle would mess with men's heads. That being said, the woman that have been successful in the military (and in actual firefights) are not your little sister. I can't see woman ever being drafted... for many reasons
  5. Don't see the issue with this. Like the op already said, woman have combat roles in the military now. This is only an issue for me when it's SJW ram-rodded down my throat. This is not one of those cases. It fits.
  6. From what I've seen from those who played before release, you earn credits/money (whatever you want to call them) and use those to unlock different things. We'll probably start with a basic loadout unlocked and go from there. Also weapon stats will come in to play as well, so you won't be able to load up your guns without taking into consideration what it will do to performance. I'm sure there are more things than that but that's more or less what I have seen. While I'm not out here beating my war drum on this, I would still like this to be implemented asap. Total game changer if everyone isn't running around with all the unlocks, plus something to work towards.
  7. I'm not opposed to revive. I've already found myself in many situations where a squad mate went down and my first thought was revive...but nope. That being said, if they do choose to add revive I hope it fits their more realistic approach. In a way not having revive puts more weight on the players life, and promotes a higher level of teamwork. Yes having revive and medics is a form of teamwork, but so is having to watch your squads back knowing they cant be revived. I also feel it would make players careless in some situations since they know their teammate can just revive them. Close quarters engagements would turn into revive fests... Again though, I'm not opposed to something...just not quite sure what that something is.
  8. My thoughts exactly. I like the mix of realism they got going on in this game. I Like the 1:1 scale as well. Makes me wonder though what size maps they have planned. Larger vehicle based maps at 1:1 scale would be insane....ly awesome! lol
  9. Free speech. Let the community self-regulate. People don't like a**holes, so if someone is being one then hopefully the rest of the chat will let them know. Add a block/mute feature for those who still can't handle it.
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