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  1. Just trying to play a game havent played for like 2 months couple updates now i cant play at all are these guys serious worst game ever.
  2. Its sad because everyone i know who waited for and bought the game, dont play anymore so to us its already dead .however maybe they will help but maybe its to late for us.
  3. Cheers TZoning im talking most times no one play then 4 a side and 200 ping sorry should have mentioned aussie.and again i wish there was 200 on bf3 then it would be great .peak time slot for bf3 maybe 20 players maybe
  4. It dosent matter how good the game is if no one plays.
  5. It dosent matter how good the game is if no one plays it .BFV Has loads of full servers but the game is rubbish,However a great game with no players is also shit.
  6. Hey Vidata read the posts on how to connect to aussie servers.
  7. diesel

    Aussie servers

    When will Aussie servers be available through the play menu we have quite a number of players on other servers with huge ping ,we want to support you however as you have paid for OC servers why not fix this,Please.
  8. Yes its really annoying great potential game however we desperately need oc servers as still a lot of Aussies just picking quick join i played today and there where quite a few Aussies on with no idea
  9. fix Aussie connection on steam we paid our money also
  10. In my quest to leave battlefield i looked for a replacement .One game i found was Heroes and Generals ,unfortunately no Aussie servers, had to play in N/A Servers this was a good game, however ,the ping was shit eventually had to stop, this i feel will be the same for this unless they fix the Aussie sever state I have not seen any evidence this will happen .As for the game WW3 i think its great however without Aussie servers ,quick death.
  11. 200 playing in america thats great,200 + ping is not ideal for this game. i live in Australia and our servers are empty .
  12. Do you really think system specs makes a difference as to how many people are playing ?????
  13. With Bf5 coming out and the terrible start no ones playing this already sad sad sad
  14. I found verify files in steam works
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