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  1. just a lazy college kid passing through a few minutes before class dont mind me
  2. no problem glad i could help hope to see you out there on the battlefield
  3. im pretty sure its a generalized hit location like if you hit me in the abdomen it will only show the 100 that you are seeing but in reality he shot all over that general area of the body same for all areas they just have a general i guess you could call it a hit zone indicator but it wont show specifically where in the abdomen arm torso ect you really got shot just a general location EDIT: the times hit on the side are the actual per bullet damage sorry forgot to mention that lol my bad i MIGHT BE WRONG this is just my understanding from about 45 hours of actual gameplay hope this helps my guy have a great day/night
  4. sorry it didn't help hopefully you will be able to play with ur friend soon good luck
  5. use the in game invite system in the squad tab to invite ur friend. tell ur friend to also go into the squad tab and go to the invites section (it should be near the top of the squads tab) he/she can accept the invite from there idk how it will show up but i invited my brother to a lobby and thats how we did it but i have only been the one doing the inviting lol hope this helps but what do i know just some broke college student
  6. no i dont need to see that tbh i had assumed u were in that field or something by the fact that you made this post................. now my turn while yes you can scan a document don't u think those can be forged copied ect... so tbh i would not think of that as a reliable way to tell as for military id's again they can be faked, a unit all you need to do is look up some unit that is in the millitary and unless someone else happens to be in that unit they cant disprove that person who looked up how military id's are formatted made one then looked up a unit and said "hey look im in the army" member of the industry while yes i would say that ur point is vaild do we truly want an ultra real game with little emphasis put on fun if i made a game i would consult the industry sparingly cause i don't want realism to overtake fun this aint arma its a different beast and i would not want the industry saying how stuff should work cause irl ideas dont transfer well into games like this imo btw thank you for your service i have mad respect for police as my uncle is an NYPD Sargent just got promoted last year but what do i know just some guy who does nothing all day anyway im going to just say lets agree to disagree lets let the devs see what we said and decide based on that cause ultimately its their game so they get to call the shots
  7. then what i would ask you is HOW can u tell who is actual military or has had the qualifications that u say they should have for this more selective group if you are saying that people fake being in the military or similar fields how do u suggest that we weed out the fakes cause if im a former military member (WHICH IM NOT THIS IS JUST AN EXAMPLE) i would not just wanna start giving them personal records cause just a name and address aint enough to verify that kind of stuff on top of that if you are saying show a uniform medal ect... that is not a good way either cause those things could be handed down or stolen or forged or bought ect... sadly even if i agreed with your idea there is no way to vet out anyone but the streamers and in that case its becoming even more selective which is even worse than your original proposal but what do i know just some college student doing nothing in his dorm room
  8. while i get that the discord is a mess i don't think that blocking them from channels for a reason like this a a good idea i personally would feel offended if the devs did this to me it says "we want the pros to build the game not you" when the devs said they want the game to be built by the community as a whole i feel like it would 1. be a bad move towards the people that bought the game with the intent to watch it grow into a game WE want not what THE FEW want 2. it would look bad from the outside lets give this example a coffee shop tells you they will let the community make a new drink fine but they only listen to their own staff not the real community that would look bad if that started spreading imo but here it would be even worse cause its not a buck something coffee your buying its a 28 usd game and i feel if the people on the inside feel cheated how will people on the outside feel about the game imo they will think the devs are not trustworthy but hey what do i know im just some broke college student who spends all his cash on games and wants to support devs
  9. i agree with zacapa i think if you do this it will alienate some of the community who will feel like they got the short end of the stick the devs want to built the game for the WHOLE community not just the select few but hey that's just my 2 cents
  10. one thing i want badly is an AEK-971 i just love how the gun feels in battlefield and i would love to see the devs add it so we can have a faster firing gun that makes sense for my east soldier to run with (looked up the irl fire rate and i found 900 rpm)
  11. Private personguything1 reporting sarge what is the mission
  12. i just think its better than most cause it has my highest kill games with it (around 30-40 kills) so idk if it just feels natural to me to use it right off the bat or if its too powerful but as of right now its a personal fav of mine
  13. 19 and in college and broke
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