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  1. 100% agree with this. Being able to rest on a horizontal object when crouching and standing would put LMGs in a really good spot. The damage values actually feel really good to me as is, it's just the recoil that makes using their mid-long range a bit to crazy when it comes to even taking a short bust. This is accurate and realistic which I have no problem with, there is just no way to offset that disadvantage through positioning aside from laying down and losing all mobility. I actually really want the rest feature across all guns to be honest but LMG would benefit the most.
  2. I really like how Tarkov Did optics. In my opinion that is the most realistic yet. I hate how games always zoom in the the entire screen when a scope has any magnification on it instead of just zooming the scoped area and leaving the surrounding area normal viewing distance.
  3. Just wanted to say thank you for addressing the animation issues with the canted sights so quickly. It is so frustrating not having the gun rotate and losing complete vision of the left side of the screen and stopped me from using them altogether. I look forward to all of the QOL changes coming in the future and appreciate all the hard work you are all putting in.
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