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  1. I agree except last sentence ? If it's boring, it's boring, unlocks wouldn't make it better. A Battlefield without any progression need not to be boring. i think like @Marrond, maybe i'm a bit old, 42 by now and progress to me was allways something that hindered me to partake, because of gated content or exhausted me and while it were fun to play i need to play that much to unlock something that it became too repetetive, boring and i just exhausted on doing so. If i need to play 50hrs of WW3 to unlock a gun and scope i want and need to have fun gameplay i do that. its a chore i can accept, because the fun and scope i already have wont be that bad. But if i need to play 500 hours to unlock a Map or gamemode i would say thank you and good bye. Dont know about Global Offensive, but Counterstrike didnt need any progression at all to keep people playing. Or think of games like minecraft or Civ or whatever. Progression and Reward System dont make games more interesting or better, they just keep you in the treadmill you maybe wouldn't play a game that much if these rewarding mechanics that work addictive weren't there. I dont play for rewards, i play for the matter itself and for fun. I dont make a job of it, if i need to I loose interest, this is for after work not for beeing recognized to me. I challenge myself and if t the game ask me to do stuff it's fine as long as it's mediocre and no exageration. Best is the progression is optional and not gamechanging. Achievers can best go for skins and titles. These express how dedicated they are and wont give them more power or something like that. Most important it wont create a gap and power disparities. All have fun -Stun o7
  2. oh no one should feel to have to justify anything about their gaming, it's just what i recently observed in some games and discussed. I for myself don't care that much for rewards as long as the gameplay and gameloop is fun to play. For this game there shouldn't be any balancing problems regarding progress, but many games create a gap with progression systems or are only build around progression and not for players interaction cooperative and competetive for example. All the online RPG stuff for example. Nothing to do with WW3, so i dont want to derail the thread. I also have my aims ingame or for games in general and they differ from game to game and i do not dislike it, if there are less goals or aims the game want you to do, but set my personal aims i play for or as i said i just play for fun as long as it is fun and that's more depending on the games design, mechanics, repetition, atmsphere, emotions it evokes and progression to me is the very last thing i care for. Mostly because i often perceive them as timesink methods and repetetive things to do to be able to unlock something, be it items or leel restricted maps or whatever. If the game is fun for iteself i do play it anyway and don't need things to be locked behind something. But that's just me and i don't want to tell people what is wrong or right or how they have to play or even how approach games or gaming. sorry if this is strange english I just wanted to say, to me its sometimes sad when progression is so important to people and devs start developing games with tons of achievements and whatnot to unlock something if this is important stuff like items or level restricted areas, maps or whatever. Even some Shooter give you a significant boost with scopes you need to unlock first or something like that. Horizontal progression is the best imho. Thing is when players ask for progression only developers maybe produce games what have great progression and gambling mechanics and keep you rewarded with allway bing bing, bing for whatever you did and the game itself is... boring, repetetive and not very interesting at all, but people play for the constant bing bing bing rewards ? Imho its better to have games with good intersting gameplay, than good progression systems - what was that shooter in the star wars universe called? You know what i want to say?! ? have fun - stun o7
  3. I'm recently involved in several discussions about progression. A lot of "gamers" work instead to play. Achiever players define their "effort and reward" and they want to "earn" things. Well to me this is meritocracy speech and maybe one possible, but not neccessary aspect of games. And if we think of E-Sport it's not just about playing a game but a serious thing. Like kick the Ball for fun, do some throws with a Basketball or playing for fun with friends compared to someone part of a team and then if that team is just playing for fun, semi-pro or even professional. Sadly most gamers make work out of games and treat them very serious. People who do hardcore gaming need proper rewards because they define themself per gaming. They get recognition from their gaming and many dont get recognition in real life. We all know that. Some compensate. So a lot of gamers play for points and rewards and not for gaming itself or the fun an matter itself. Therefore many exagerate. Interesting discussions for Sea of Thieves took place, because the game has horizontal, only cosmetic progression and many players still want exklusive content or ask for the +1 Blunderbuss or whatever they feel is needed as a reward for the work / grind / effort they have put in. The moment they have nothing to work on they loose interest. Google the Millenials Speech of Simon Sinek. Everything has to be rewarding and the whole western society is brainwashed with meritocracy. Imho this all is only one side off the medal, but not to see how important boredom can be, inefficency or just play for fun without any reward but the fun playing it for the matter itself. To many gamers this is not in the slightest imaginable. Sad but true.
  4. I had a lot if stuttering what i could get rid of by some tweaks and the main thing was running set to toggle. Since that i have less lag y but sometimes the game freezes for 1 second and then runs fine again. What also occurs sometimes is that rubberbanding occurs or the fps drop to 10 for 2-3 seconds. But this maybe happens once in a game mostly at the beginning and then never occurs again.
  5. just try it - idk about your cpu, but my friend play with a i7 6700 and gtx 970 all on ultra and has no lag or stuttering.
  6. That's because it's BCDedit.exe and not bcedit.exe ? And it's not in the game folder it's a Windows command to edit Boot Configuration Data. You need to open console as an administrator and just enter the lines i posted above at prompt C:\ Have fun - Stun o7
  7. Maybe also try these Boot Configuration Data Edits open console as administrator (cmd.exe) bcdedit /deletevalue useplatformclock bcdedit /set disabledynamictick yes Also make sure you havent running set to toggle. For me it cause microstuttering while running 60+ fps Unfortunately AMD is known for having issues with not yet optimized Unreal Engine. Good luck and have fun - Stun o7
  8. So, i tried 2 games with above bcdedit settings and it's far less stuttering, but not completely gone. I then turned toggle for running of and enabled on hold an the stuttering was completely gone, i may have seen it lagged one time, but this was clearly some mermory leak and just happened once. I thought it was all the running toggle and turned HPET on again - btw i made a mistake about dynamic ticks, the correct setting is bcdedit /set disabledynamicick yes (and not displaydynamic... sorry) but then the mouse stutters in the menu alright, what was new and left me a little confused. So i turned it off again (bcdedit /deletevalue useplatformclock) and keep running on hold. All fine, all on ultra
  9. I'd like a payload mode and anobjective mode like ET:QW had
  10. Hi, my games still stuttering, no matter the graficsettings and i constantly have 60 fps. The fact that bothers me is that a friend with an older gtx 960 can run it completely smoothly with all setting on ultra. We both have i7 6700 and 16gb DDR3 plus game on ssd. I run a gtx1070 he's runs a 960. He said yesterday after he just installed it and tweaked nothing that it runs absolutely fine. No lag, no stutter, just fine and smooth. What i tried until: Registry tweak for CPU prioritization Recommended Grafik settings from the forum plus a lot of similar combinations tested. Tweaked gameusersettings.ini Tweaked Nvidia control panel settings Mostly the game runs very well in the beginning, even with other Soldiers, no lag, but the moment the battle begins it becomes stuttering. Sometimes i have no stuttering for several seconds, even if i'm in the Building in Moscow or in front of the Brandenburger Tor with lots of players and Action around. Some seconds it's all fine, then it begins to stutter again. I cant say if it's grafics or network or both. Sometimes i think it only can be network issues, because it sometimes just runs fine even with everything on ultra. Seems many people can play without any stutterings. Others cannot play at all and i can play, i have progression and all config saved, but i have these stutterings what dont make it completely unplayable, but it drives me nuts tbh. And i dont understand why! What i just did was this: Opened console as administrator At prompt write: bcdedit /deletevalue useplatformclock bcdedit /set displaydynamictick yes I hadn't much time to test since i did that, but i had less stuttering, but i need to validate this by more testing. What i can say is: the stuttering is not completely gone, but first tests show me it's significantly better. To reverse this you can open console as administrator again and write bcdedit /set useplatformclock true bcdedit /set displaydynamictick no Please google for further Information about Boot Configuration Data and HPET (high precision event timer). So, you will find people say it's good to enable it if HPET is enabled in BIOS and OS (by using the command) and other people say disabling this helped with microstuttering in games. I am not sure about this, but it reduced stutterings for me at the moment. I need to test that further, because some Matches run better than others for me and i already played 30+ hours with stuttering so i am somewhat used to have it and when testing you need to go into the action, because spawnzone or less crowded areas are mostly fine. People with stuttering although they have 60+ FPS please share your experiences and tweaks. Thanks.
  11. i already did @yuzuri fun fact - i just decided to set everything to ultra again - respawned, all fine and fluid in the middle of Berlin right in front of the Brandenburger Tor with about 6-8 soldiers around, then a few seconds later stuttering again. I want to play like this guy: even if i set everything to low i have stutterings and my hardware is maybe not up to date, but also not very old or bad at all. I just wonder what it needs to run the game that smooth. I'll try further with settings and combinations. Just to say, i dont want to complain, i'm fine with EA and i like the game very much (first shooter for me for a long, long ime), but i just hope it will become playable for me better soon. ATM i just suck, i such anyway, as i'm said it's the first shooter for me for a long time, i played CS 1.6 and BF2 and later i liked ET:QW but since then i haven't played any shooters seriously.
  12. stopped reading after the 1st line, because of lack of communication skills and rude speech. Even if he's right in what followed he is unable to adress his concerns, becuase this way... i and imho most others will shut their ears. Everybody answering is feeding the trolls btw - i'm guilty too
  13. Hi, so i dont have any loading issues and i can play since i buyed the game sone days ago, but the ingame Performance is not as good as i expected. Ok we are in EA, so i'm fine and dont want to complain here, but ask something. To me some things are confused. Some players have connectivity issues, ok they said something about the auth Server. All fine, but this afaik cannot be the cause of bad performance, or? I did all tweaks you can find. CPU usage prioritized, gameusersettings.ini tweaked, nvidia settings in the control panel, one frame lag option and tried graficsetting what are recommended from several users, also tried some settings to improve my fps and get rid of the stuttering. The game runs fine as long as there are no other players around, it almost allways lags if i see the first player what makes it's hard to kill or even to survive. When entering the more crowded battlezones the fps drops, the stuttering make it not unplayable but a chore to have fun because of the stuttering. So i end up and play all on low, except distance i set to Medium, because popping up banisters 2m in front of you is just bad. So i got lot of fps, btw even with ultra i got 40 fps, but stuttering all day. The stuttering is not gone if i play all on low, but much better Mist of the time. What i want to know is this: i read a lot of people play on i5 and some with less than 16GB RAM and with gtx 1060 or oder. I play on a HP Omen Laptop with i7, 16GB RAM, GTX1070, able to play in UHD 4k because of the display, but actually i need to play with 1920x1080 and as i said with everything on low to only have few stuttering. I first thought it's lag. Many players assume it's lag of the Server and sync issues. My question is. Is it lag or not yet done grafic optimazations or both or does the one (grafic) cause the other (server lag) If set on high or ultra? I just want to understand what devs are working on. Will the next Patch be about connectivity issues with auth servers, but nothing about Performance? Or is the Server thing also about Performance??? I like the game, want to play it and will do, but i ask myself if i should just wait a bit for the next Patch or Patches to improve Performance. I died to often because of lag or stuttering and performance. See the ebemy first, fire, lag, miss, dead ?
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