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  1. @Kony if you can of course, would be very nice to have a Big FAQ with all the possible questions from people like this one, in this way less people will Create Topics and ask certain things, people will be more informed
  2. After release of the game, you have plans to create other maps besides the 9 maps ?
  3. Hello, Do we see the patch intended for last week and pushed to this week, this week ? To be honest im out of game since 1 week (waiting for patch), i would like to play this weekend like a MADNESS. I think you are doing a professional job but you could improve your relationship with community by posting Patch release date, so people now exactly and a clear Roadmap
  4. Hmm every once in a while somebody "out from nowhere" wanting to change game mechanics and destroy the game :(. Game is fine as it is right now, would you feel better if you could destroy tank with AK-M Rifle, in 2-3 shots ? People these days want kills with one click of a mouse
  5. I think you need to take some grammar lessins and learn to play properly. This forum is not your mother, go cry somewhere else. Drones will stay forever. They require skill which you lack greatly
  6. I have the same Specs as you: i5 6400 Skylake 2.7 turbo boost 3.2ghz 16gb ram ddr4 2133mhz 1060 gtx 6gb OC But no problems for me. Go run a mem test, Verify integrity of game files from Steam on world war 3
  7. Watchout Antivirus, Firewall, Select PROPER SERVER, you are in Europe, right click game on steam "Play on EU Server", etc. Check your internet speed also online.
  8. ahahahahah, lol. Check firewall/antivirus/ports.
  9. I created this topic to propose you something: - Let's post POSITIVE review on steam, i mean everyone change negative to positive, why negative review for an EA and small company and why not supporting this company and game with positive feedback so more people come. - Posting bad things and negative reviews will just push people away.
  10. Exactly, let's reduce the useless talking here and DO SOMETHING GOOD for this game and developers, GO with positive REVIEWS everywhere and you will see the results. This game has lots of potential, it won't DIE, of course people are waiting for patches, they will come back
  11. This is played by 3000+ people in the world and it's only early access, wait a month
  12. Just because a player is frustrated and get killed by a drone, doesn't mean it should be removed. Why remove it ? This topic must be closed i think, no reason for it
  13. Since i bought this GAME, all AFRICANS ask about african servers, why no admin answers to them ? I can't believe this
  14. Some developer KONY said that you will compensate somehow...
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