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  1. R.I.P. Mr. Paul "Tonka" Chapman... Red
  2. @DoctorMcBatman - Iam not saying I don´t have a +2k PC rig, which took me four years before I could spare the money to buy it! Iam saying NOT everybody can do that. - You said it, mixing ram GENERALLY works, I personally don´t like to risk money especially on something that is bound to be obsolite sooner then later. When I bought more ram, I only had one PC, but knew it´s not going to hold up to much longer. Spending €100 on more ram was quite a decision, because I could basically build a new PC with €300, that´s if I had another €200 to spare at the time. Which brings to the next decision, if I did build a new €300 PC, my simulators would not run smoothly either, so the benefit was not in cue with what I wanted to do. Putting in ram was just a band-aid that cost me €100. Here´s the exact store and ram, but cost was €100 8 months ago... G-Skill Sniper 1866MHz DDR-3 DCL-9 Do you really think Iam going to spend another €60 just to play WW3? Just for the record, I don´t buy from eBay or used. Flight simulators may, or may not be considered games. Most civil flight simulators are used for training, and or to practise procedures, or to practise ATC protocols (see PilotEdge), because real flight hours cost money! Not everybody has a full blown homemade cockpit like the video I posted, but what alot of serious flight simmers have in common is a dedicated flight PC. That could be with 1, 2 or 3 monitors, added modules or what ever configuration they can afford, all the way up to a full blown B737 cockpit. I doubt anybody who spends thousands of $ on a home built cockpit like that will think his simulator is a simple game... There´s a reason why flight simmers go through all that trouble, the least thing they need is there PC to crap out on them. World photorealistic scenery, real world elevation data, real-time true weather engine, now add a fully modled working B747, air traffic and possible real-time ATC controller. All in real-time, ALL the world and no loading screen trasitions. Happy now? @Enigma Kai Tak (HGK) that´s a tricky landing, especially if you never landed there before. DCS in VR and a bit more
  3. @Enigma Yes, the 486, I use to play "Gunnship" (helo) on that, that´s what got my into PC´s in the first place, and the Commodor 64 and Cubase for recording guitars. IIRC, Gunship ran on Windows 3.11. Man that´s many years ago @DoctorMcBatman There´s nothing silly about having 2 PC´s, one for gaming and another for more serious things. Not because you think in a way means it´s how others think. Let me say this, these are examples of isolated higher end PC´s... Graphical design studios (big projects, alot of calculations), Musical work stations DAW´s (same deal), 3D artist (same deal, redering), Engineering stress test (same deal), flight simmulators (same deal), just to name a few. Aside from this, there´s also people who don´t want to be connected permanetly to the web, due to security reasons and/or personall information. There´s plenty of peolpe with this configuration. Again, the more BS you have installed in a PC, the less reliable it is. As for RAM goes, tell me why motherboard brands recomend (tested) certain RAM brands? Why don´t they just say, use with ANY 1600Mhz DDR-3 module? Also, I don´t care what price you find in the US, I live in EU and the price I paid is that, so stop questioning what is true, or what I can do or not do. Ask this guy if he has ANY shooter installed in his PC!
  4. @Enigma Ahh, so you have a piggy bank full of RAM? Yeah, I know you can set the timing in the BIOS, but the usuall and safe way is to match your other sticks. When this PC dies, then and only then I will think of adding another SSD for my "other" games on my other rig. I do have The Division 2 and Star Citizen on my better rig, but only because those games to me are worth it play wise. To add another shooter, Iam just fine how it is. So you get an Idea, I have been playing shooters since the first Rainbow 6, and Ghost Recon back in 1998. HLL is real cool, I think it´s the only game that really captures what others intend to do, teamwork. Even if others in your squad don´t play as a team, you still feel like a unit with the rest of the team. Maybe you should give that a try. Most people do play it right, but as always there can be your tipical a-hole that I just ignore or switch squad.
  5. @DoctorMcBatman I don´t know were you get you´re prices, but here in EU they are NOT the same. First, you need the same RAM, and if your set up is 2x4, that means you need another 2x4 stick set to get to 16GB of the same exact brand/type/speed/CL of RAM. Then you have to find it, and pay for it if you were lucky to find it, and I mean NEW sticks. My case some months ago, and paid €100 for a pair of 4GB of G-Skills Snipers. It´s NOT my first built BTW. One stick went bad for some odd reason which had me going crazy trying to figure out what was going on with my PC, and yes I did check to remove my RAM stick to see if that was the cause at first. Bottom line.... - Unless this i5 blows up, I wont use my other rig for run of the mill games (sorry FPS lovers). - If I can play all the mentioned games and have as much fun or more, why should I bother with WW3. - Dealt with fanbois many times, so don´t bother cuz I wont continue this pin-pong. A question was asked (Why you don´t play WW3 anymore) and I gave my opinion, of which I think I extended long enough. I don´t need strangers questioning me about if it´s true or not. Meet me on some HLL, Squad, Insurgency SS server to find out... BTW they ALL use the same engine! Red...out
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