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  1. of course its going to be like those , thats the "battle royale" genre , just cause its urban means its and urban pubg, fortnite , ROE , cod4 ect ect ect ect ect ect. This games roadmap is headed straight for the nearest solid object .
  2. Dont worry atway , this is why theres 250 players , Good response dev !
  3. Perfect time to go on vacation i guess , all that hard work declining player base bugs out the butt , perfect time for vacation
  4. lol whats funny is still havent answered , maybe i was wrong in the other post , maybe the bank account is full and time for that "exit strategy"
  5. I blame steam EA for today plummet in decent games, This is a decent game and yes the devs seem to care about it but it doesnt take away from the fact people are tired of being burnt by game dev doing a quick money grab and then giving up once the bank account is full. I dont believe these devs are about that but i do believe people are tired of devs using the EA annex as excuse for poor game releases. And like i said i blame steam because after all they are the ones allowing trash to surface. There are games on steam that have been in early access for 2 years and the devs and the 100 player community thats left are still on the forums saying "Its EA guys give them a break" . its a joke , hopefully this game doesnt go down the same path
  6. My performance is fine , i mean sure i could do without the constant 200 sometimes + ping and i dont have a top end pc but i make it work, im referring to the huge drop in numbers due to those people having performance issues , this forum isnt the only place people speak about this game.
  7. They can release all the new content they like , if it runs like crap its pointless effort , they will finally realize this when there is 20 players left on the server . I still play it because i love the game and the idea , just poor performance and a development team guided by the community will be the down fall of this game.
  8. Short answer is Yes very much so , poor performance and main focus is content , cant play the content if the game runs like crap , some people would call this a no brainer
  9. All i see there is him accidently tking you and then the second time he stopped shooting , i didnt see any damage on you so he must of realized , then you being tyipcal toxic you chased him down trying to hit him and get him to do it again , you are not innocent in this either .
  10. Thats right you said the key words "Early Access" so quit ya whining ... Thats your advice to everyone else , practice what ya preach
  11. So your answer is fill the game with content and forget performance , each bit of content they release creates more performance issues and bugs, but your answer is create more content . ohh and to answer your question about releasing a better game out of the box , i would not have released this one in its current state anyway . i was holding off to write my reveiw for this game but now im ready. Thank you and enjoy your last few weeks
  12. lol you can judge player base by 2 days after the patch , sure people are going to try it to see it has been fixed , you are an idiot go away
  13. Actually i was very heplful in the first few weeks explaining were performance needed to be fixed , but it always fell on deaf ears or was drown out by kids screaming more content then work on performance , and as i said the community is gone , yes i know its early access as i have been remember nearlly 20,000 times but instead of creating patches introducing stupid DM mode which it now appears nobody wanted , fix the performance and get the people back playing , the only reason and i repeat the only reason people are not playing is because it runs like crap . There is only so many time you can suggest shit before you realise you are working with the same sort of devs as PUBG , screw performance lets release cosmetics and game modes instead.
  14. Besides that being all wrong , well its just all wrong , tweak fanboi . Bottomline, split 430 player with a PTE gives you a whopping total of 215 player per server , PTE players not doing their job and allowing trash patches through because .. well ... they are just fanbois like tweak not actual input givers because they are scared of upsetting devs
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