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  1. I don't have the source now but I'm quite confident that they've said over a week ago that patch would release to test branch... everything seems according to plan? As for the rest of your complains, half of it is silly (snipers a problem? really? do we play the same game?) and the other half... shall I provide you with no rubber banding, jerking or otherwise shaky gameplay? Because every single match for me is smooth and registers all the hits...
  2. Just use red dot. It's not centered but it's functional. Should be fixed in one of following updates, not that big of a deal really.
  3. Alright, I will get down to it when I come back from work. 64GB here
  4. ERA isn't infinite though. As soon as you blow ERA in an area on a tank, it's gone until repaired. So unless you were blowing every single ERA piece on the tank all around you SHOULD punch through on second hit.
  5. You're a slowpoke and an easy target when heavy. It's more suited to holding area by leaning around the corner - as soon as you're out in the open, you're dead. Plain and simple. Light class can zoom zoom around the map effortlessly and doesn't really sacrifice survivability to do so. I personally don't use heavy loadouts outside of my dedicated anti-tank setup (TOR+RPG). All my other loadouts revolve around being lightweight. As for pistols - you couldn't be more wrong. Pistols have short effective range but damage wise they're almost as good as Assault Rifles. Meaning 3-4 shots (depending on a pistol - Glock and Ragun need 4, Lebedev need 3 but has half the mag capacity) in the unarmored torso area WILL kill a full HP player. Up to ~20 meters (28 for Lebedev) they're as effective as 5.56 Assault Rifle. Also, swapping to a pistol is MUCH faster than reloading. I've used pistol multiple times when running out of ammo on my Alpha and Vepr loadouts and taken entire point with pistol alone. Is this tested and confirmed? I could swear that it's faster than that, more like 2x faster. I mean you're really leaving everyone back in the dust.
  6. Not really - he is right. We used to play the living shit out of games because they were fun. I had like 5000 hours in Battlefield 2 - there was no progression or stupid unlocks or other time-gating content. Sure you were getting some ranks that didn't mean shit other than showing how big of a nolife you are. And we played. And we played a lot. Nowadays if you don't gate content drip-feeding it behind a wall of grind people get bored. Like... I don't know, I'm not that old but sometimes I feel like I'm 80 just because of how gamers have changed...
  7. Because shooting in games is easier than shooting IRL and this is one way to counter it?
  8. There you go, made proper montage for you. Actually APS cooldown is 20 seconds. Almost half a fucking minute... you can reload and fire twice in that time...
  9. I know how it is to play vehicles - pretty much noone is doing anything substantial against you. When enemy has good tank player, again I'm usually the only one on the team that is doing something about it - usually with great success. It's depressing how people can't really get their shit together this far into release... APS kills ONE rocket and then goes on cooldown. It doesn't stop more than one within like 10 20 seconds. It would be easier if you posted video of the encounter because none of what you've said matches up with the game mechanics. FYI if 20 rockets hit the target (or even half of that), regardless of defenses it has stacked, it would evaporate - plain and simple. If I'm in a tank I kill other tanks with coaxial 12.7mm because it's faster than hurling shells at them. If I'm infantry, I use RPG when I have killing potential - and only then (either from behind or side if previously damaged). I just use TOR if far, takes very little effort to bring tank down to 0 from full HP just by aiming at the turret... The only way tank would survive a lot of RPGs is if has reactive armor and someone behind the tank constantly repairing said armor. APS has limited charges (2 for cheaper and 6 for more expensive one). It's not unlimited. It doesn't block more than 1 rocket every 10 or so 20 seconds. This is reality. edit: Notice - when your RPG is countered by APS you see "APS missile destroyed". Note how the second rocket has Vehicle hit.
  10. And this is me, running and gunning, taking objectives and defending them with Alpha and light weight class. Alpha too strong, light armor so overpowered... oh wait, doesn't half the reddit complain that there are no good reasons to wear light armor and that the ARs are outclassed by snipers and shotguns? Believe me or not, no vehicle (or any strike for that matter, as my Alpha loadout is on 6th slot and there is Quad there...) was being used:
  11. Yeah - M107. You aren't keeping that shit off-hand on target on a distance for any extended amount of time. I've used to spend a lot of time on a shooting range before I moved abroad (where gun laws suck donkey balls and day on a range cost more than I'm willing to spend), but I don't shoot competitively. Other than that I mostly do clay target shooting nowadays.
  12. 12 pounds is less than loaded magazine of .50cal rifle (assuming 5 bullets) - 20kg is equivalent of a bag of cement...
  13. Better understanding of the game comes with time. Most complaining people show very little understanding of the game mechanics.
  14. Any details on the armor rebalance? As in what direction will it take? The only real problem I'm seeing is that there's seemingly no interaction between armor and the caliber, it just gives flat reduction. People need to learn to play around armor, it brings unique flavour to the gameplay and I wish it wasn't dumbed down (as in, cover magically entire body) just because few CoD/BF zombies can't adapt.
  15. I totally agree. Although it seems that about 99.9999999% of playerbase is unaware of this. I foresee them changing it as soon as people stop falling over on sight of a tank. I'm afraid guns you've been using in competitions don't weight 16 kilograms - loaded with ammo that's totalling at more than 20kg. Aiming while standing with Barret which is 3kg lighter than the TOR is a REAL challange.
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