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  1. I think, as long as a nation is operating in the area, It shouldn't matter from where that nation has its borders. Like it would be stupid to be against an American DLC, just because America itself, is located across the ocean. If a war broke out in the region which the game is set, you would see American troops, and you would also see Norwegian troops. And because of Norway's role in NATOs eFP program, Norway would be one of the first ones you'd see.
  2. So it is impossible that NATOs Enhanced Forward Presence in the Baltics could be prioritized in a game set in Central Europe?
  3. Oh, haha! That went right over my head. Yeah, I agree. It would be a nice addition to the game.
  4. That would be cool, but I am not that familiar with Australias relations to Central European nations. Is there any reason why they should be prioritized over a European nation assigned by NATO to have a presence in that region?
  5. @KillPhil So we should not add smaller European nations nations, and would-be big players in the region, because you are concerned about disc space? And how would adding China be easier on your hard drive? And besides, if several nations use similar weapons, wouldn't it be more content giving to add 3 or 4 different nations of which arsenals makes up the arsenal of 1 larger nation? They could just add some more camo patterns and patches, and we could get the best of both worlds. This game is relatively small in size compared to other games being released. About less than half of what currently BF1 requires, and that game is 2 years old by now. New games will continue to grow in size, so having to upgrade ones hardware is something one just has to deal with. But still, the notion that the games storage requirement will grow with 450GB is hysterical.
  6. Yeah. I'm an avid player of RO2: Vietnam, and they have 3D proxy chat. It cuts out when someone dies, and ads for a lot of immersion and humor. If anyone uses it obnoxiously, it wouldn't be hard to mute them. Not harder than muting them in text chat.
  7. Germany export weapons to many nations, but I don't think it is a valid reason to exclude any nation in a game called "WW3", just because they don't manufacture their own weaponry. And of course Baltic nations would be more fit in a DLC focused on the Baltic nations. I, however focus on NATO's eFP in the Baltic nations to explain why it wouldn't be unheard of to see Norwegian forces in a game that is currently focused on Central and Eastern Europe. I would love to see more nations represented in the game, and I do encourage you to push for your own nations. After all, the game is called World war 3. I, however focus on my own nation. And since the game is in early access, I think is the perfect time to talk about future content.
  8. Description: The MCS stock has a skin option that seems to be bugged. And since it looks like skins for stocks have not been fully implemented yet, there is no button to remove the skin. That means, if you apply the skin, you are stuck with it. Game build ID: 3246502 Steps to reproduce: 1. Go to "Customize" menu. 2. Select "equipment". 3. Pick any class. 4. Select the G38 Assault rifle. 5. Go to "bodyparts". 6. Press the "Stock" option. 7. Select the MCS stock. 8. press the paintbrush icon on the MCS stock in the stock menu. 9. Select the "EOTECH TEST SKIN".
  9. I think everyone here would love to see their nation represented in game. Here is how I think Norway would look like, and a bit of why I think Norway could be a priority.
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