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  1. When running out of ammo on SCAR-H and you switch to a sidearm and then change back to SCAR you can see an extended charging handle moving back again. (Slow down a vid on YT)
  2. After recent hotfix the game started to perform terribly because of the servers issues. Probably will be fixed soon I guess.
  3. SCAR-H is broken and you can't change your sights, even default ones don't work. When using Battle Robot the player is falling under the map and you lose the connection with it. When you put away the tablet the player is stuck underground for a while and then teleports back on the ground.
  4. When I died and tried to spawn on A1 point the game spawned me in enemy base instead.
  5. Not sure if this one was reported already but for some reason I feel that the longer round lasts then it drops FPS gradually.
  6. I called in for the air drop and my tank just got stuck like that, I guess it really do be like that. Waiting for my 6k BP reperations btw.
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