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  1. https://imgur.com/a/HF7IjIV It is possible to stand on this concrete wall and spawncamp.
  2. Works pretty fine to me so far, no stutters at all and I get somewhere around 60-55FPS on High settings except for the Shadows since this one consumes lots of FPS and I'm currently playing on laptop lul
  3. https://imgur.com/a/9qsTQbc - The Brandenburg Gate - Berlin https://imgur.com/a/xDoYArH - The Brandenburg Gate different angle - Berlin https://imgur.com/a/dzwVmZo - Quadriga - Berlin
  4. Just a thread where you can post your artworks or screenshots from the game. One rule: If you want to post couple screenshots please upload them to Imgur to keep this thread clean and simple. Thanks! https://imgur.com/a/618LzaL - Palace of Culture - Warsaw https://imgur.com/a/hnLfzFB - Train Station - Warsaw https://imgur.com/a/qaKpaGO - Shopping Mall - Warsaw https://imgur.com/a/eGIifIL - Senate - Moscow https://imgur.com/a/1EFp2aT - Senate interior - Moscow https://imgur.com/a/n48BJ8g - Radar 1 - Smolensk https://imgur.com/a/EihL3Im - BTR - Smolensk https://imgur.com/a/C0xgiUK - BTR again but shot from different angles - Smolensk https://imgur.com/a/vxfULFZ - Berlin
  5. This is where we need to stop for a while and say this: you're not even good, not even mediocre, whenever I played with you you always had bad K:D and poor amount of points, no matter where you played, Live or PTE you always ragequitted and said how bad this game is and shitted on it and it's developers, without giving any good feedback and how to fix problems except for bragging "how good you are" and how developers should change the core gameplay of the game to more realistic like Arma because you want this game to play like that. I have no clue how have you never been banned on Discord yet David, but I am gonna repeat myself once again: You're literal persona non grata and the most despised user since your criticism isn't even valid but straight up shitstorm. I can agree if it comes to Helidrone that it has really bad hitreg but that doesn't mean that you need to immediately attack the developers and change the whole gameplay of the game just because you want it.
  6. https://imgur.com/a/TZsPQkC - You can land your battle robot on one of the rooftops near the C2 for some reason. https://imgur.com/a/eKe7ger - The capturing zone of C1 on Mini map and Tactical map is wrong, it's moved a little bit further than it really is.
  7. DESCRIPTION OF BUG: When I died and tried to respawn on Mobile Spawn Point it respawned me instead in my last death location. (screenshot: https://imgur.com/a/ljoRHRq) GAME BUILD ID: 3753461 STEPS TO REPRODUCE: I just checked Mobile Spawn Point after dying and that's all.
  8. I don't know if the devs are keen on making another map that is located in Poland but this one would be somewhat special I think. It would be focused more on CQB and would be located in old abandoned Rail Rolling Stock Repair Workshops (Zakłady Naprawcze Taboru Kolejowego in short: ZNTK). The complex and buildings are huge itself, and the interiors could allow for more vertical approach to combat. Here are some photos to refer if this idea is somewhat interesting: https://imgur.com/a/Vd9naL6 (I reserve all the rights to the photos that I included)
  9. It would be nice if you could move B1 marker more over the building instead of here because the marker can sometimes obscure the view on windows so it's harder to spot the enemies inside
  10. DESCRIPTION OF BUGS https://imgur.com/a/IgI5uTT - random particle effect in the building at point B2 (it triggers when you look at the window at specific angle) https://imgur.com/a/gsD98FZ - it has been probably reported already that spawning is bugged right now, your character clips through the ground and when you're fast enough and enter any vehicle when this is happening you can send yourself and the vehicle into the abyss (under the map) https://imgur.com/a/KyN8hXY - bugged secondary sight (SIG) on SCAR-H with Holo Long sight (I don't know if this bug occurs with other weapons with Holo Long sight) GAME BUILD ID - 3743632
  11. that's the charm of game developing in early access
  12. The game stutters because it's not well optimized at the moment
  13. O ile dobrze wiem to czołg można zrzucić tylko i wyłącznie na teren swojego spawnu
  14. Bruh, this weapon is one of the best weapons in the game so far. The recoil and damage output is very good, you can literally go full-auto on medium range and hit every bullet so I don't know what's your problem here.
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