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  1. Is that why I played through entire Metro 2033 on Ranger without feeling nauseous at all? Anyway I don't want hardcore mode - I want increased realism in game as it is. It's way too fast, way too random and way too much like CoD rather than a faster ArmA/slower Battlefield.
  2. We need spawning in waves, that's the only thing this game needs I think. I'm tired of securing a point only to get the guy I killed literally run into my back and kill me 20 seconds later because if you take it slow and tactical you die.
  3. Like I said, specnaz helmets can feasibly stop a 5.56, but the soldier who got shot will not be in a shape to fight anymore. He'd be in a state of wishing he was dead and being glad he's not interchangeably.
  4. I want Asian regions eventually, but I really think it's too early right now. World map has to be functional for starters and I think map locations should be spread out from Europe in a radius, so first new maps we should get should be within areas like Italy, France, UK, Sweden, some middle eastern maps and maybe east/west coast US. THEN after we get those, devs should consider adding ASEAN regions and Asia in general. I'd personally really like some maps set in Taiwan/Shanghai/Tokyo and other Japanese cities. Akihabara has a lot of potential to be a cool map.
  5. I would almost think that was the case, but not after calling in artillery in middle of a point that was getting captured with enemies swarming all over it, and not getting a single kill.
  6. I would make the splash A LOT bigger and a lot more damaging for infantry.
  7. I never said it's impossible for a helmet to stop 7.62, but like me and the other guy said, it can't feasibly happen at point blank.
  8. It's not JUST realism, it's authenticity as well. You can disagree with me how authentic this game should be, but you can't deny that women in frontline combat roles just aren't very authentic to begin with. I'm certain throughout the game's development I'll be a huge proponent of realism and authenticity, but not if gameplay will take a hit. This is not one of those issues where gameplay will suffer, quite the opposite actually. It just drains resources and presents balance issues. I would be perfectly fine with hearing female voice on radio in roles like pilot. Think something like "[Codename] to JTAC, going weapons hot." in female voice - I'd be fine with that. But women running around with 30kg of gear at exact same speed, intensity and general performance as men? Yeah, nah.
  9. The definition of "DMR" is arbitrary at best but technically you are correct, most rifles that fit "semi-auto, intended for squad marksman" rifles are chambered in 7.62 NATO. Still, 5.56 is not a bad caliber and no one hit with it is going to have a good day. Not disagreeing, just saying.
  10. There's a really long winded argument that would get a lot of people upset so I'll skip that and just say this: Can women feasibly pick up a rifle and roleplay a male soldier? Yes. Can they do it better than said male soldier? No. Is it sane to send them to frontlines, where they will almost certainly be killed due to underperforming and then ruin your country's demographics and industry post-war, for sake of equality? Do I really need to answer this one? The Art of War is still relevent today because it focuses much less on war itself, it rather focuses on the human psyche. Surprise surprise - human psyche is still the same after hundreds of years. There's no reason to believe that in mere 10~ years from now, women would be content with being drafted and sent off into the meatgrinder nor that any man would actually stand for that.
  11. If you get hit with a bullet, no matter the caliber, you'll have a bad time. 5.56 is not magically worse than 7.62 and has higher velocity, therefore higher range. 5.56 is also ligher so a squad marksman can carry more ammo AND most importantly - his ammo is interchangeable with his fellow squadmates. Do not overlook this part. This is the difference between squad marksman and a sniper. We're talking NATO perspective obviously.
  12. I disagree because you might as well claim "oh well in the future they'll fight by throwing cheese at eachother, I don't need to reason my claim - it's irrelevent what wars were fought with before!" and it works exactly the same. And PUBG is not a good game or well designed game so I don't see why this should be even brought up in an argument. Jesus man, I only skimmed over his post. We really do not need your girls wearing skintight clothes fetish in this game, OP. Realistically, women have no place in combat except in countries really desperate for manpower.
  13. I disagree, 5.56 has pretty good ballistics but I'd really want some rifles for .458 SOCOM or see SVDs in the game.
  14. That's a really low-effort yet good change they can implement, CQC being random as hell is exactly how I feel right now about armor, either you get instagibbed, you instagib the other guy or you both dance around like a bunch of fuckheads until one of you gets lucky shot to the face because apparently helmets are made of vibranium.
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