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  1. #1 - Combat awareness is key, don't rush back into a situation if your team is compromised (It helps to have a premade squad for this) as you will get yourself whacked. I feel that this is a unnecessary crutch when after some experience you can get a pretty good idea when its a bad time to spawn. #2. I think the auto heal is fine as it is, however note that when your bar drops below one of the notches it will not recover without medical aid so it is already a moot point. (it would just mean the team based medpack system would fall to the wayside in favor of ammo mules, again squad balance is key here, at least one squaddie carry heals, the other ammo, and stick with them #3. Yes. heli system needs improvements, tanks, well perhaps but remember that that 1,000 HP has to haul 60-100 Tons of itself, ammo, personal, and whatever else you slapped on that thing up what is sometimes a rather steep incline, and that's where traction also comes into play, point being 1000 HP doesn't quite cut it and while i think the tanks could crawl a little faster up the hills i feel its pretty spot on as it is, #4 Hell yes... would agree 100%.
  2. RPG is the best way to put this beast down with a little practice you can easily use one to put it into the dirt, I have buried at least a dozen of them in the past few days. Also the Reaper jammer wreaks havoc with the connection to the helicopter so deploying that over its operation area will hobble the hell out of it. Lock on rocket launchers like the javelin would be a nice touch if they were going to offer a counter for it.
  3. Okay... yup.. I am fairly certain I just triggered alot of people by saying this (The steam community may find this blasphemous) BUT... a thought to fix the problem with the community numbers is perhaps you guys should consider a migration onto the Epic store And it is my thought now that 0.6 is live... with the game being in the best place its been in a long time.... a Second Wind perhaps is needed? Now Best world scenario... Keep selling on both Steam and sell on the Epic store. So that way everyone wins. Steam users can keep existing while the epic store brings in a healthy influx of new people. So. now that i said this here is why i said it. 1.The Epic store will net you guys a 88%/12% Cut on your game rather than steams price gouging 30%/70% Cut. (also let us all remember their favoritism of AAA titles that they take lesser cuts from and leaves Indie developers in the mud pits.) 2.The Epic store is now arguably the second largest online retailer for games. so you can expect a huge player count to see your title and perhaps opt into it. (especially with a little less than 250 million people passing through the epic store on the way to fortnite its bound to catch some peoples attention) 3.In Some Brutal honesty? A less toxic community. Steam's once great community has grown unchecked and while their is a great many of you that are absolute showcases of good sportsmanship and great community behavior, theirs an even greater amount sadly, of toxic people on steam. (you have all seen them, losing their s*($ in games, screaming hacker, having... really... really.. questionable profiles. While i have certainly seen this on the epic side of things the community there is... surprisingly way less toxic overall. Now their is some cons, For example the epic community system isn't quite as fleshed out as steams is but granted they are a brand new store things are work in progress. but i honestly think the pros outweigh the issues you may face. And you may have to deal with a temper tantrum with steam which. would lead to the worst case scenario. Abandon steam and start anew on Epic. I would gladly shell out for another 30$ for this game if it surfaced in the epic store. and I sense a good amount of the community would do likewise, If it be to see this true gem of a game flourish. You guys had a pretty bad launch but i feel you are being unfairly punished for it if the numbers stay low. I think perhaps a look to greener pastures may be the solution to your problem.
  4. Looks like your in-charge now son. your squad lead seems to have lost his head.
  5. I feel the hit detection is great, Honestly if i miss i genuinely feel I fucked the shot up not the game. the TTK has noticeably increased however it still feels solid. Overall the feel of the game is solid, I can't complain at all about it.
  6. as i said in another post: They launched the game early so that way they can get a paid beta tester base to improve their game with, Of course theirs a ton of bugs but as its stipulated on the store page AND in the game when you first launch it you are an alpha tester at this point. when you join an EA program its with the expectation you help support the developers by reporting the bugs, playing the game to the fullest, use everything and try to break everything. All in the spirit of helping the game studios iron out these bugs. These folks are a indie game studio, they just got off the ground with this project so they can't afford a beta testing staff (at least to the extent AAA titles can) (and even AAA titles still fuck it up. lol.) So its onto us to iron these bugs out bud. so get in there, and try to break the game. Too many bugs? it seems like a target rich environment for a alpha tester.
  7. The game seems to be fine to me so far, Yeah the most recent patch borked a bunch of stuff visually (player models not rendering in end of game display etc) But that is early access patching for you. its to be expected. Performance feels great, i have not dipped below 100 FPS very often. If not at all. Crashes. well they happen but i only get them 1 out of every 30 or so games i play. Freezes? haven't seen them since early November. This game is looking good so far and especially since it launched in a pretty much non functional state this is light-years improvement. And as Tzoning hinted at i suspect its your pc hardware as all of your mentioned symptoms can be caused by inadequate hardware or running the settings past what your PC can handle. Also. i should remind you. your a Alpha Tester. you chose to become one when you bought the game in Early Access. This is stipulated to you not only in the store page but in the game when you first launch it. Their is going to be bugs, their is going to be issues but as volunteer alpha testers we have to expect this. If you don't want to abide by this, come back in a year or so when the game exits EA.
  8. i have one suggestion for this. KNOCK DOWN THE WALLS! i vote not only to bring it to consoles. but to allow for cross platform gameplay (i would look at how fortnite allows those settings they got a great way of selecting what kind of cross gameplay you want to do.)
  9. I think as a balancing feature however if your going to take 2 gadgets it should take a gun slot from you. As well as ammo packs / med packs can't be used together, though yes i support this notion, 2 gadgets would be a nice twist.
  10. Okay. So. the dot on the screen. Doesn't do shit to help you in gun fights imo lol, Weapon hipfire spread is so random that if you opt for hipfire spray, centering your screen will not save you from or give you any kind of advantage as it were. and besides really good players don't even need it if they know where the relative center of the screen is, But that dot is useful as hell for interacting with stuff like your drones and items as it gives you a point of reference. I say the middle ground for this is this. Keep it. make it bigger actually, and offer a ability to turn it off if people are triggered by it. (and i agree with above, if people want cross-hairs they will do it no matter what. theirs tons of ways to defeat that including a sharpie dot in the middle of the screen)
  11. I usually ADS in and point right at the drone and i can snatch it up quickly without too many problems. Health wise i think their great as they are, usually when i deploy mine i don't have many issues damaging it, i just face a specific direction and quickly pull up on it before it takes damage, just takes a little bit of practice. I think asides from a handling rework on the buggy drone i think their great as they are, they certainly help sway the tides of fights allot of the time i notice.
  12. DESCRIPTION OF BUG: Loading randomly into a empty server Making it possible to provide your team a ticket advantage Sometimes you can have upwards of 10-15 minutes of being alone on the server before it begins to populate and usually by that time you can be up 1000-3000 tickets (Suggested fix: make it impossible to capture points until its at least a 3v3 or 5v5 so that the server can populate before game begins. GAME BUILD ID : 3313103 STEPS TO REPRODUCE (required): Normal Matchmaking (it will happen 30-40% of the time)
  13. Ah, well in which case yes, i totally agree with this, it would be a nice feature to toss-back frag grenades, especially it being such a risk/reward mechanic
  14. think snipers are getting the same hate they normally do IRL here IMO, - A Good sniper camps critical objectives and corridors between the objectives to hinder / harass enemy movement. Camping is a strategy. Its called DEFENCE/Choke Point Management Deal with it. - A Great sniper will make you angry. As that is a part of a snipers MO is Psychological warfare, They are meant to fuck with you and fuck with your team. They are unconventional and think outside the box, its why it feels great to be a sniper as it requires a skill above and beyond just running around like a ground grunt and getting into close quarters engagements. -A Legendary sniper will punish the shit out of you for running out into the open like a panicked Zoidberg. with no thought at all in movement. And will hit you from obscure angles to frustrate the hell out of you and make you feel exposed. Snipers are a challenge to deal with in the field folks but their is plenty of ways of dealing with them and frankly i have no problems dealing with them as I being one of those said elusive marksman know how they operate. Here let me enlighten you a little how to deal with them. 1. Figure out where its coming from and put pressure on them (hint, kill-streak drones work wonders at flushing these guys out) and push at them from an obscure angle and hit them from close range, once you close the gap we certainly have problems and it is easy to deal with us (Especially once the weight system comes to pass and we have less secondary options / armor Also if you look at damage stats of the snipers... *GASPS!* they can't one hit kill you unless they headshot you at close range! 2. Smoke grenades! holy shit they do serve a wonderful purpose folks! a sniper who can't see you often can't hit you so you got a large gap to get across? close it using smoke grenades, it works great, really it does! and it makes taking objectives so much easier as you can cover your vulnerable spots easily. 3. Use drones. those tiny camera drones that fly around? guess what, no one ever shoots at them and they do a wonderful job flushing out snipers as they compromise our position and make it easy for one of your snipers to counter snipe us. 4. If said sniper is really bad and is not camping intelligently then you should thank them as they are not supporting their team and pulling their weight, these people often have low kill counts and are not generally a threat if you traverse the map carefully. 5. Use cover, Like.. really.. the amount of people i punish for not running cover to cover is ridiculous, and a good assaulter will stay in cover allot. No... Just... No... this isn't COD run and gun, Campers can be dealt with. EASILY by yourself. the server doesn't need to coddle you. He isn't denying the problem those are legitimate counters to snipers and often just spotting and tagging them is enough to end them as your team will often shoot at a bright red thing on the map, Many times a team gets stomped as they are uncoordinated. Not a bad idea, but it is rife with its own problems as how might you go about limiting weapons with a hot-join system as it is now?
  15. As i said in discord days after launch I still stand by this to the letter, you guys have already come a long way to providing a very stable experience and despite the naysayers you have a gem here in the rough. keep it going folks.
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