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  1. If this game is being released on pc 1st, then how is it going to be a console port?
  2. People trying to say that the op's specs are the issues, give us a break this game's graphics are not top of the line nor do they look like they would be as demanding as some want to claim considering you have zero building destruction. In the past I've had to set the resolution scaling to 200% just to get rid of the stutters with my set up consisting of a 4.4Ghz overclocked i5 4690k,EVGA GTX 1070 SC 8gb and 16gb of mem at 1600 * 900 resolution. This stuttering issue is more related to optimizations either on the game's end or gpu drivers and I heard that the recent nvidia drivers are trash for this game.
  3. I certainly hope the player count doesn't drop below 350 in the next month because I play in NA servers and finding players is incredibly harsh and so many time end up with only 5v5,4v5,10v10, and rarely 17vs17.
  4. What's with this game always placing players into dead? It doesn't matter what time of day I play I'm always being placed into lobbies that are dead or only have 2-10 players total on it and when I do find a lobby that has 17 players on each side the lobby quickly empties out when the war map loads.
  5. When I load up the game I con't move the mouse pointer to the bottom of the screen and I have to alt tab out and end process in order to quit the game and on the war map I can't select the game mode at the bottom on the bottom of the screen.
  6. I'm all for micro transactions if they're for weapon skins,customization, and soldier uniforms, but for unlocking new weapons I strongly disagree with
  7. I actually like both and I've played the BFV Alpha and beta
  8. I normally have to play on EU servers because the NA servers seem to be dead when I try to join at late night here in the states because of my job's shift
  9. I'm here because I want a game with modern guns and still have my copy of BFV pre ordered. BFV has brought the game's gun play back to BF3 with no bs bullet deviation, visual suppression only, no dorito marker no revive trains and actually makes you play as a team although there are some twitch streamers like Tyrium that are beasts and don't need a squad because the will wreck the other team regardless. I played the Alpha and early beta releases of BFV.
  10. I played one match last week where the tickets at the end were 25 to 4000.
  11. Lets see how those folks in the youtube videos actually perform with their 50 cal anti material rifle under pressure, been in combat, adrenaline pumping, and stuffed their face with food more then twice a day and sitting on their butts watching their cable tv. I guarantee their aim or ability to carry the rifle while running would be garbage. and the viper 12 definitely needs to be nerfed severely if the devs are going to be nerfing all the ar platform and ak platform rifles.
  12. I had to set the resolution scale to 200% and enable everything in the video settings to get rid of the stutters.
  13. How would you survive the blast 2 or 3 meter away from the designated target
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