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  1. Tried to play WW3, only saw a TDM server w/ 7/20, everything else was empty. Can I play in a different region to try and find a server?
  2. I'm either getting booted from the server saying "Connection to host lost" or I crash randomly now. Like I don't even want to play this anymore, straight gave up. Hopefully you guys fix the problems and provide a playable game, there's so much potential here but first things first having a functional product.
  3. ugh this makes me so sad. I just want to try out the new update but I can't find any matches to play in.
  4. Game feels dead. Tried playing around 10PM PST last night after I got home from work, Steam said 300 players online, waited for 15 minutes to try to quick join on a match, got nowhere. Not on PTE branch, never bothered trying it out. That being said I'm going to keep trying; the developers have something very special here, and I had more fun in the 20 hours I've spent playing this than the ~200 hours I've spent on BF4 hardcore servers.
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