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  1. That's why we have call in strikes.
  2. Sometimes it does, it seems to be uniquely benefiting from the armour system. Its not a huge problem but you always feel it when someone on the other team is using a Vepr, not so much for other weapons.
  3. The issue is that even when you're being pressured the guns have incredible splash and you have perfect vision to pick out anyone peaking at you. Remember that this is not a properly crewed vehicle, one person can control it fully. When i want to kill one i just go for the long flank and drop a tandem into them, i don't believe this means they're not overly powerful, especially compared to other strikes.
  4. There's no "getting good" if you can't see. I guarantee people will drop matches if this feature is at all necessary for some maps.
  5. No gun other than a sniper rifle will kill you instantly at that range. Nothing to do with muh cod.
  6. Irrelevant, the sights don't even cost anything to add. Honestly any argument that you just need to "get good" could also be made toward a tanker. Most of the time the only reason they go down is because they're wrecking so much shit that they get sloppy and overly aggressive.
  7. No, its probably because you've chosen an appearance that doesn't include a helmet when customizing your soldier.
  8. But if i'm not using them and everyone else is then what will happen to me?
  9. Do you want to spend half an hour staring at a green monitor? No i'd rather look at something pretty.
  10. Scratch that, probably too spicey for this forum.
  11. Not usually the kind of person who likes to jump up and mindlessly defend the authority figure but.. They bungled the launch. What do you want? Seriously do you think they're just sitting around not trying to fix it? Do you think they'll work faster if you we "rise up" against them or something? Its not like you're bringing up things they're not aware of. Its not like they made this whole game here just as a bit of a meme, this is not some unknown start up of a company, they have made (good) games before. $28 is not much for a game and if you're really that concerned with that amount of money then maybe you should have shown some caution. I already have 50 hours in game and its fun.
  12. There are three maps and when you're put into a fresh server you will find that it fills up fairly quickly.
  13. The way you're presenting this is inaccurate. The numbers have been steady for the past few days, there's no reason to assume that we'll have 2k peaks by next week. Most of the complaints are from people who just can't play at all, so i don't see how they're going to do what you say.
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