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  1. Really? Remind me where pre-launch it was stated that 8 days after release we still wouldnt be able to play?
  2. Alpha stage is not an excuse for something that is completely unplayable
  3. I've been waiting for WW3 since the summer of 2018 was very excited when it was announced. As we all know the launch was dramatic but I can deal with that, many games go through dramatic launches and it's an indie game after all. My frustration with the game has been building up over the last days, however. I'm getting fed up with the many connectivity issues we're still encountering. Today and yesterday I've tried playing some games and keep getting disconnected from the loading screens. We're more than a week past launch and I still can barely play the game I paid for. About 70-80% of the 'game' time I've spent according to Steam consisted of waiting for connection or the game to load. The few games I've managed to play were dissapointing in several aspects. I can barely get an acceptable FPS-rate even though other games (BF3, BF4 etc) run fine. Animations are abominable as we all know; games released more than a decade ago (eg. COD MW) have better animations. The gameplay feels clunky and spawnkilling seems to happen alot. The main selling point of WW3 is customization of weapons and vehicles. I feel like this is overshadowed by the many issues WW3 has at the moment. At this state the game I paid for is barely playable which is unacceptable, even for an early access / indie game. Interest in the game seems to be dropping quickly and as much as I hate to say it, I'm not going to sit around waiting much longer either. I sincerely hope the developers will manage to turn WW3 into the awesome game it seemed at first, but as of now I'm no longer going to bother.
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