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  1. A scout rifle should just be light weight bolt action rifles, What I would really like is to get some semi auto DMR's that basically function like semi auto assault rifles with just better range/damage dropoff.
  2. Wargaming has their own official Wiki that can be modified by users so I am suggestting something similer here, Wiki's are a fantastic way to use the community to maintain and keep a large amount of in game data that is accessible on the webs.
  3. Any chance you can add spoiler tags to the images {spoiler}image{/Spoiler} with the correct brackets to OP that way images become compressed?
  4. or you know...some clear tape and a marker....
  5. hmm it broke it here is the paste in, and the context of my post, you can copy it all, and edit it into your post, or add it as another reply https://ctxt.io/2/AAAAhCfDFA https://pastebin.com/W3g4fgmK hmm i think these forums might have a spoilers capped at 16 in total..i would recomend against using my pastebin/copy for now. So, this is 76 images long, as far as i can tell we are restricted to 16 uses of the spoiler tag or it breaks it. We can try spoiler the sections, that would break it down to five.
  6. I think it has to do with how the forum is imbedding the image.
  7. i'm working on improving your format right now. The BBC code to do the above is the image below however i will have a paste bin opf the entire post that you can copy and edit into your original post. improving the format.
  8. Fun fact, BFv community presence aka their official forum is about as populated as THIS forum, additionally, the game actually has hundreds of EMPTY server, because it sold so poorly. Two more weeks and you will notice that BFv has a almost non existent playerbase.
  9. Yea, i already posted a thread with that in the hope china's sensor catch it and block this website. it's a nuclear option, but was neccessary..and i dare say it might've worked.
  10. ...you know..i woke up this morning and thought...wait, did i quote a image heavy post last night... but it looks likes a mod got it fixed
  11. Damn nice work, i'd had gotten through about 10 of the scopes before i stopped having access to the game (hardware issue, my hardware was a 670 gtx and shit issued, got a 1080 gtx now though) nice to see someone went and did this.
  12. Hence why i also said the all steam user could have access to the GENERAL forums...you don't need to of purchased teh game. As it stands right now until this spammer problem is fixxed this forum is UNUSABLE FOR EVERYONE
  13. Better yet, just add steam verification to the forums. only accounts that actually HAVE teh game can post in all forums, and they unlock the general forum for all steam users
  14. You know whats hilarious...this game has a bigger community then BF5 official forums and this guy is still complaining.
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