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  1. Sniper rifles should have to have an attachment for that Kiwi. That cant be freely givin. I feel that might unbalance the game a bit if freely givin. Now... the reloading I agree with t3rr0r1. ADS need to be canceled once you hit (R) reload button. And if the Devs could create a fast mag or flip mag as an attachmeent option that would help in fire fights. That would balance well.
  2. Is the Dev. team planning on working on the range of damage with the Airstrikes and Artillery . Plus.... are you guys going to work on the Animations of the explosions (the way it looks) because the Mephisto(10000 points) looks like a poof and that need to be a huge explosion and if you are near by but not in the blast radius it should shake the screen at least . #Immersive(ness) The blast radius with these explosion need to be slightly increased.
  3. I have been playing for some time now and I have randomly been killed behind cover with no one around. I have even been Killed being in a tank by people I cannot see. But the lobby members state that the are wall and map glitching just to get kills.(even the cheaters teammates) You can't see them, but the cheaters generally glitch near an Objective. All they do is just keep shooting people unseen. This no doubt needs to be fixed. #NoOnelikesAcheater
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