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  1. but there is something about the winchester 1897 and ithaca 37 that i seem to like about them. most of the modern shotguns seem to lack "elegance" and "class"
  2. why all the big drum magazine or modern shotguns when they can't slamfire? i know these OG classic babies can.
  3. usp lacks class and style and it is NOT an OG Browning design not like the M1911. also to note i would like to see these two sweet shotguns added: the Winchester model 1897 and the Ithaca Model 37 Stakeout both Browning designs
  4. always liked the M1911 pistol you can never go wrong with it .45 cal > 9mm
  5. according to update 0.5/roadmap it says we will get 84mm Carl Gustav anti-tank recoiless rifle as well as the British outfits. i hope this update will go more smoother than the last one because as of yet the USMC outfits have still yet to "appear" in the customization options. i just don't want another repeat of last time if you all get what i am trying to say.
  6. oh i need to check if i got mine too. i kinda in the dark here/confused so any help would be appreciated thank you.
  7. having this magazine attachment for the fn minime/m249 would be cool. then it would be an infinity war gun =3
  8. as long as they can hurt tanks because i can't carry a rifle and an rpg no more.
  9. due to how the weight system works at the moment i can either take an rifle or an anti-tank weapon not both. it would be nice if we could have some "portable" anti-tank weapons because in a warzone always expect enemy armor along with their infantry...
  10. with the changes to the weight system i wonder if these weapons will ever make it into the game since tanks are mostly impervious to small arms fire.
  11. always happy to test a product with a company i can trust (just like CDPR!)
  12. i keep seeing these in the loading screens are we ever gonna get it?
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