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  1. Every time I do a quick join, I get thrown into TDM... Anytime I click warsaw, or any of the other maps for warzone game mode, i get put into a match by myself. Anyone else having this issue? Is there a way I can choose which game mode I wish to quick join? I dont care for the TDM, got this game because of the warzone. Thanks in advance.
  2. Totally agree, def blows BF out of the water IMO. As stated, looking forward to future additions to this game
  3. Yea, I think i have had only one issue that involve actually not being able to play the game, and a simple restart solved that. Some have had worse, but hopefully thats all fixed now.
  4. First off let me say that this is the game I've been looking for. This game even in its current state out does some of the AAA titles that are out now. I know, I know, there are and have been some issues from the get-go, but it seems that the devs are doing an excellent job, and listening to community feedback and working on said issues. I am very excited to see the way ahead for this game, and cant wait to see what the future brings. I get it, it's an Alpha release, but this is by far one the best Alphas I have played. Great graphic as well as gun play. There are some issues in which I have found and most, if not all have been addressed in the proper forum section. I picked this game up about 2 weeks ago and have been playing it daily and streaming daily. As mentioned, I can't wait to see whats next, and I have nothing but great expectations and forsee this game taking off real soon. I look forward to seeing you all on the battlefield. -c0pe
  5. well, when you are running right, and there is an entire building right in front of you, and bullets as you see them are coming through the building, is kind of sketch. Oh ya, when it happened the first time, I thought I was crazy, but the second and third and fourth times, when my whole team was like WTF, it's kind of obv.
  6. Just got shot through an entire building on the map with the mall in it. I'm sure the devs are aware and doing everything they can to rid this game of cheaters. So far doing a great job devs!
  7. I've noticed, even on the teams I play on, that teammates will get into tanks or other vehicles, and just sit way back near our spawn, or some place where there is distance as well as line of sight and just camp, rack up kills, go back and repair, and contribute nothing to the team at all. They dont assist in capping points or anything of that matter.
  8. I asked this same thing, and one of the devs commented that they dont think they need or will need voice comms, due to TS and Discord. I on the other hand think that a push to talk sytem between squads like the game "Squad" would be needed. Not every one likes to jump in random discords and hear mouth breathing and peoples background noises that dont know how to set PTT. In a game like this, in game comms is a must, can't just rely on chat box
  9. Very nice, the devs were spot on with the recreation. Thanks for posting the video comparison.
  10. Thanks for the reply as well as the clarification
  11. million dollar question, have not seen anything from the devs on this, unless I overlooked it. I have friends wanting to buy and cant.
  12. i7 7700k Delidded, 16 GB RAM, EVGA GTX 1080 FTW SLI, 480 SSD x2, 2 1TB HDD, no performance issues as of yet. Dont mind the lack of cable management, still work in progress
  13. Have the devs acknowledged this yet? Sorry if this has already been addressed. But I'm not seeing anything from them regarding the inability to purchase the game. It's not even in the known issues section, unless I overlooked it.
  14. Thanks for the input... Yea, def need an in game comms system, i get discord and all, but intersquad comms is a must.
  15. Apologies if this has been addressed, but is there a plan to implement an in game comms system? Like a radio style set up between squads?
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