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  1. Its dieing in Australia really quickly because of 2 factors i think, 1 We keep being forced into asian servers, and they don't speak English or wont and we don't speak guuklish. 2 Way to many hackers and nothing visually being done about them in game, obviously 'Easy cheat' or what ever it is does fuck all, so Devs need to fix it or replace it with VAC or similar. That being said, when you get a squad that actually follows SL directions you can have alot of fun and smash the opposition, but language barriers are the struggle for me.
  2. Hey Devs, Mint game (little bit rocky, buts its EA after all), Will you be looking at introducing language or region preferencing in the future? Currently its nearly impossible to play team or squad based in SA servers due to the massive korean and Chinese (so many guuk hackers too) numbers, that don't speak English. I'm sure its just as frustrating for them when they on the super rare occasion they end up in a predominantly English speaking server. Suggestion for above: Introduce language based server preference or Regional ie. Australian NZ based option. ×You need an in game report option for hackers, they're numbers are growing exponentially and its wrecking your awesome game very quickly, inaction in this area will cause more damage than the rocky start and lack of roadmap and patch notes. Anyway good work so far for the most part!
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