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  1. So I got on the PTE.... 6 players total on two servers on a Saturday afternoon at 2pm
  2. I'm just waiting. I haven't played any game since December 23rd when I stopped playing this. I just watch Twitch. I am BORED. But I don't want to invest in another game like I was invested in WW3. It was wonderful. I'm just waiting...very patiently ?
  3. Christ dude! I'm pissed off as well and haven't played since Dec 23rd and I really miss playing this [potentially] great game but damn, you've made your point please shut up!
  4. Very interesting thread @maddinii I think you're one of the best posters on here. I am a solo player. I agree with a lot of your observations. I haven't found squad leading/obeying or the system in general very rewarding. For a start, sometimes I don't even realise I've been given the SL. Sometimes I'm not interested in paying close attention and guiding others. I'm not a tank enthusiast so don't much care for extra points - I can get enough from normal play. And like you say, UAV is very good. I will pop those up as much as possible to help the team even on points I am no where near to. Some observations... In your first analogy (A1 on Warsaw), sometimes you can be 'flogging a dead horse' trying to take the same point over and over and in this case as SL I will go for a different target - this is not the SL not paying attention - this is a tactical choice - splitting the enemy. I hate it when my team goes for the point nearest the enemy spawn - and leaves the rest of the map unchallenged - like, it's the farthest away for us and the closest to spawn for them??? If I am SL at early game i'll be taking one point and will target the other connected one so players go there instead; like taking C2 on Moscow i'll tell people to go C1. I also hate it when an SL targets an unrelated point. Bonkers! A lot of the time I like to take long flanks and come at the enemy from unexpected directions so that doesn't always mean players will spawn on me because they think I am a sneaky rear echelon sniper or something. I don't particularly chase kills so will often stick around two points to defend for a bit - like C1/2 on Warsaw. I hate it when you take a control point and people run off leaving the point undefended or haven't checked the area and not 50 metres away you hear the radio tell you someone is taking it back. Too many games are an endless running simulator going from point to point and the enemy is following behind re-taking them. Urgh! TZoningHard is right - people chase the action and just want maximum kills. You can't blame them. They've paid good money for a game and want to be entertained shooting someone's face off. And not everyone is an altruistic player helping their team at every opportunity. Hell I am ashamed to admit I sometimes get pissed off being the only tactically aware guy and the game is clearly lost so I just sneak about killing the enemy but not taking points so they don't know a threat is there. At the end of the day, it doesn't take much to figure out the tactical nuances in this game and if you want to win I feel you have to both defend and attack points, but you can't do it as a solo a lot of the time. I am not sure if the current system works but I don't have a viable alternative. There are too many variables at play as well. The loss of a couple of players on one team can seriously weaken it, allowing the enemy team to control the map, especially with spawn camping the way it is. The introduction of a tank at just the right moment can give a team the winning momentum. But the games where my team is getting DESTROYED it certainly feels like it is because there are co-ordinated squads on the enemy team and none on mine.
  5. Great question Mr Epic! I'd like some more techie stuff/gadgets. It's world war three am I right? Drones could get more functionality for a start. Some very sophisticated body armours? Mech suits? I'd also like something like this - Maybe even go the whole hog and have an AT-AT? Hahaha! I'd also like a melee sword/chainsaw to scare the bejeebus out of a sniper when you creep up on them from behind -
  6. +1 Infinity this! Like Voodoo, I have played a ton of the game and loved it, LOVED IT. But the 0.3 experience has triggered me so much I have stopped for now. As the Fremen used to say, 'the slow way is the safe way'.
  7. Did you get a recording by any chance? I'd love to see that mate. I've never used C4...need to try it out
  8. Yeah same principle just limited to ground and slower. OK so now we have a new task, the quest for the mini-ugv multi kill!
  9. This thing, very fun but only use on a non-competitive loadout and don't use on Moscow as it gets stuck a lot
  10. @VoodooGaming Duuuuuude that was awesome and made me ? I don't want to encourage their use lmfao because I HATE getting done by one of those but they are hella fun and hella useful (that great scene at A1 on Warsaw where you were scanning like mad as well as slaying!). And you took out an enemy one! So useful for taking out that one guy who is capping somewhere when your team is on the opposite side of the map and no help. So useful for taking out those pesky snipers. Have you tried the Mini UGV?
  11. Thanks m8. Yeah it would have been an awesome shot with the RPG but hell, premature ejaculation, story of my life ? Get them clips in a vid! My next vid will probably be me dying to all the damn bugs and rage quitting!
  12. Truly, I hate the human race sometimes. We just don't deserve nice things.
  13. Sorry for long video; using up my footage from 0.2. But there is some comedy gold in this one if you have the patience to watch - thanks in advance. @VoodooGaming 3 special clips for you from 5.40 onwards ?
  14. I agree with everything @maddinii said above. In addition... I do not enjoy Smolensk in its current form; it frustrates me no end. Personal preference but I would have preferred it to have been released in a more polished form. I will wait for the final version before playing. I quite like the new 'time to kill/death' ratio. For a start, I have not experienced the insta deaths that were so annoying before now. I mostly use the AK15. It seems fine to me and I have no problem killing enemies. I have even used the SMG's (which were ineffective before) and they have felt better to me. Enjoyable even! I have had one instance where I unloaded an entire clip in to someone and it had no effect. He later said in chat that he had been hit by two bullets only. I feel longer TTK/TTD leads to more tactical/less COD style gameplay and that is a GOOD thing, imho. I don't think map auto-rotation is working correctly. At the end of a match it either boots me back to the menu or puts me in another game, but on the same map. It doesn't take me to another game with a different map. Hence I end up playing multiple times on the same map which is a bit draining. The new sound is amazing! Frightening even. When I first loaded in following the update I couldn't believe the battle noise. It's great, well done! I have CTD'd quite a lot. Mostly this occurs when a game ends or when quitting out of a match. New bugs seem to have appeared on pre-existing maps. I fell through the map on Berlin, for example. This has never happened to me before. I don't know what has happened because I haven't changed any settings, but the graphics seem extra vibrant and lush to me with the update. The sharpen feature is excellent too. Thanks! On the whole, however, I still feel this is going to be an amazing game and I haven't lost faith. Just need to iron out these little annoyances. I would like to thank you for all your hard work and wish you a Happy Christmas!
  15. I've CTD'd about 4 times in the last 2 hours of gameplay; each one was after quitting out of Smolensk because I don't enjoy being shot through walls nor an unfinished map (I can wait thank you)
  16. I agree with Hawkeyepc the hit reg is ok most of the time. However earlier today I unloaded a whole mag in to a guy and nothing hit - before he turned and two tapped me in the goolies - he later said in chat he had been hit twice by my bullets. Maybe a random desync thing going on?
  17. I get what you mean. They de-buffed the bullets according to the patch notes. I just played an hour. It's like a whole new game. Feels.....strange. Conversely, some of the guns seem more effective for me?
  18. Dayum son! Nice vid. That C1 sequence was sweeeeeet!
  19. Well I was hoping it would put you in an EU game in the lack of an NA one. I'm shit out of ideas. I summon Devs for comment?
  20. Damnit! When you launch the game, are you selecting 'just play ww3'? I don't select my region anymore. This option 'puts you in the closest game by ping' so may bypass any region restriction? I'm fishing for solutions here....
  21. I've noticed the same and I feel it's because everyone is on the PTE. When 0.3 drops I think it will return to normal, increase even /me prays Hang in there m8 o/
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