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  1. I would like to see "AC-130 on the sky", not only, but im realy sceptic if we will see any plane or helli in this game, the game ted to go like COD system
  2. lately i did see that the server perform very bad ...lag/desync/netcode very bad, sometimes you shoot ppl in the face and simply they do not want to die
  3. Warsaw; but it doesn't matter the map, is this way on all maps warzone
  4. At some distance you can't see the barracks that are on Berlin Warzone; it is rendered only when you aproach on it, but even so if players are on it will not render them to at distance buildid: 3428619
  5. Hoppe that with the new update will be fixed also this problem of the Bumerang with the Nanoceramic armor set buildid: 3428619
  6. Well, i advice you to clean the video card radiator with some air-blow/compressed, you can find electronics air caned https://www.amazon.com/Compressed-Air-Dusters/b?ie=UTF8&node=3012916011 On the other side it pretty normal to have that temps with that power hungry gpu that some times pulls even over @ 300 watts, if the video card you described is this, then this is it's review https://www.guru3d.com/articles_pages/zotac_geforce_gtx_1080_ti_amp_extreme_review,1.html , and from there you can draw your own conclusion, the 1080ti itself is a hot card, like any other high end gpu on the market and on the other side update a new fresh driver set unistaling the old ones with DDU https://www.guru3d.com/files-details/display-driver-uninstaller-download.html
  7. Tryd to reproduce this, and sems you can do it when you colide with some obstacles; despite the display problem of them, it hang your drive and it makes difficult to drive the vehicle gid: 3428619
  8. Sorry man, but lately you connect to an empty server, and after 5-10 mins, other connect, but also in the time they connect, the game is already "damage done" cuz il win the game despite the enemy team effort for comeback from 0 ticket's ... it lead to more fustration, for many times the game did connect me to an losing game session ... and not because players leave the server, it's because the server did not find players to join in time, resulting to my conclusion that the game realy have problems with playerbase (im not question the sales, but to many ppl leave the game); im looking froward for your resolve ASAP ! There is allot of marketing that the team need to cover (leave aside the part with road-map, that is one of the best specialy when keep up on it) is all about bringing players back in/on the game PS it is hard to bring players back in the game when you have Battlefield V in competition, but please look at their flaws and learn from their mistakes; i also come from Battlefield (curently own BF 4 & 5) and this game did get me whit the part of the modding of vehicles, is brilliant, but for others is not enough
  9. maybe is related also with the fact that when team spawn on your tech, it's start to bounce/flip in/on the map
  10. as i told we can argue all they long, in the end is just a tool of hack & cheat in multiplayer games and just for others to understand what is all about check this video skip al the crap and go to 1:17 ; and a gamer will notice what it means to use this tool PS i know that it might help disabled players, but this can go easly for mass, and is not acceptable, in my view, first implementatino of this sort was in The Division, and did give practicly "Aim-bot" to players, the only thing left to do is to trigger the action of shooting
  11. all assault rifles in the game can be configure as "DMR"
  12. Hell now, i personal find this "hacking" leteraly; getting advantage over other players with that system is an cheat in term of use, you can argue anyway around it " Eye tracking lets your device know where you're visually focused, giving you an extra input mode when it comes to gaming."
  13. Useless reflection in reticular of the red-dot, even in dark. Build id: 3421056 ultra settings, Sharpen video setting at 60, 2560x1080
  14. i subscribe for this mater, you can't ram players
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