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  1. When is it coming, I didn't see it in the roadmap. So is it not coming and do I simply have to upgrade to an SSD or is it coming soon?
  2. Yeah, you failed to mention the "Takes 8 hours if error pops up" It also got stuck at 20%... Also, maybe telling me that sfc /scannow takes 45 minutes usually would help. Although I'm gonna clean my junk files with disk utility Im DEFINITELY not running chkdsk until tonight. Goddamnit, well it's also my fault for going straight into it without any research but still. Thanks, I restarted the PC, I stopped the chkdsk function, I tried running sfc /scannow, it didn't work I restarted the PC and now it has to repair windows. You really couldve added more info. It may be my fault for doing all this but I am fairly certain that I would have never had these issues had I known it would take this long. I probably wouldn't have even done it.
  3. I also want to point out that the two only times I've ever had this happen was when I recently played WW3
  4. Well, it was blue. It had a QR code, it told me collecting data and it had the error plus a percentage (which I assumed that it was the data being collected)
  5. DESCRIPTION OF BUG (required: if the possible provide screenshots or video): Played a game, BTW great job on connectivity I no longer have to wait three game loadings, and I needed to shut it off quickly. So I went into task manager and pressed end task after quitting the game (Please why does it still run for like another 5 minutes when you press the exit button?). And I'm not sure if it was because I pressed the "End Task" button too much and shut off a necessary function but then I got a "SYSTEM_THREAD_EXCEPTION_NOT_HANDLED" error on my PC. And now when I open steam it says I need to reinstall the game as if I never installed it in the first place. But when I go into "Local Disk (C:) -> Program Files (x86) -> Steam -> steamapps -> common" I can see that I still have World War 3 downloaded, all 40 GB. I was thinkin, maybe if I run it from the folder, steam might pick up on that and realize that it's still installed. GAME BUILD ID (required: please go to the game's properties on Steam and find it under the local files tab at the bottom): Since the game is "not installed" I cannot find it in properties. But the last update I received was in the last 2 days concerning Patch 0.1.1 STEPS TO REPRODUCE (required): Start the game, (All 10 minutes of it, can you please lower it, It's the only reason I don't play more) Quit the Game With Quit Button End the task from task manager (Optional) Maybe end an important task to the computer to make it crash Restart PC Open Steam Tada? SYSTEM SPECIFICATIONS (required for crash or performance issues): i7-7700 (Locked) GTX 950 8GB of RAM 1 TB HDD (Note: I don't want to hear "Upgrade [Insert Part Here]" If I can run R6S and Battlefield 1 at medium settings and have 60-100 FPS then It's fine) CRASH LOG (if any): Naw dawg, nothin!
  6. So like, two days ago I get a patch on steam. It's like 100-200 mb. I thought it was the 0.1.1 but it ain't. What was it?
  7. Mines stuck at 50, could be increments of 50?
  8. Anyone else not getting the scaling of resolution setting to save?
  9. Good, finally some progress! Thanks guys.
  10. Yeah I know the patch is coming in november, but I'm hearing next week and then I'm hearing mid-november. When exactly is it coming? 2 weeks? 1 week? December? 3 Days? Cause, I got 15-20 minutes to grind but it takes my PC half that time to load...
  11. I have a GTX 950 and although I'm getting crappy loading times, and some stuttering, I get 65 frames in game. Cause I set that as my max. I have most things at low-medium and my resolution hovers around 60-100 when Im in the mood to push it. Effects really hamper your system, so setting your effects down to low and the post processing you can salvage some FPS. I also have an idea, but I'm not sure you'll like it. Just set everything to low. Unless your really a GRAPHICS guy, it should work better.
  12. i7-7700 GTX 950 8gb of RAM (Upgrading soon) 1 Terabyte HDD (Decently packed) (Upgrading soon) These are enough to run Battlefield 1, Rainbow Six Siege, and PUBG at Medium-High settings Are can care less for graphics, I'm more of a gameplay type guy.
  13. Your settings don't save (EX: Resolution scaling) Audio shears/breaks/stutters when you first begin a game The ATTACK or DEFEND screen is HIGHLY laggy Entering the menu when not in game is very laggy (Weird) Freezes when you change a graphical setting while playing in game. (Like running around and crap) [Lagging Intensifies] almost every time there is a close enemy encounter Note: This only happens in the First few minutes of starting a new game Takes 6 minutes to load on a decently packed HDD (4 Minutes of just plain loading, 1 Minute of black screen, 1 Minute of connecting) Loading into a server makes game run at 1 FPS for some reason Loading into a server has a minute minimum of just sitting there Three possibilities for the server: Load into and have a few laggy minutes before action isn't laggy Lose connection to a host that is supposedly in your area (Why is the game split in the beginning and not just an option for region in game?) Completely freeze the loading screen and end up crashing your game due to a "RenderThread" waiting more than 30 seconds Hopefully most of it will be fixed soon. Anyone have an idea for the date that the patch is coming in?
  14. DESCRIPTION OF BUG (required: if the possible provide screenshots or video): Simply pressed quick join. Then waited to join a game... GAME BUILD ID (required: please go to the game's properties on Steam and find it under the local files tab at the bottom): 3250942 STEPS TO REPRODUCE (required): Just press quick play and wait... SYSTEM SPECIFICATIONS (required for crash or performance issues): i7-7700 GTX 950 (Sufficient for Battlefield 1 and Rainbow Six Siege at Med-High Settings) 1 Terabyte HDD (Kinda Full) 8gb of RAM (Sufficient for Battlefield 1, Rainbow Six Siege) 2 Monitors (One with steam flickering between "Not Responding" and "Responding") CRASH LOG (if any): There is a really long log, but it is super long and has my IP address... Also unsupported.
  15. If you could simply optimize the menu screen and how much ram the game uses that would make gaming with an average PC better. I have all the graphics at low, resolution scaling at 25 and it still uses 95% of my ram.
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