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  1. If it does not require high skill, then what was about this? And learn to use jammers, they prevent strikes for the whole map;) It's easy to use, it's easy to counter. So where is the "cheesenes"?
  2. So you don't have to learn how to play, and don't need to know about game mechanics to perform better? You are getting more expirienced, you understand what to do, you perform better. Am i wrong? You don't have to master every aspect of the game, to play for fun:) But if you don't want to discover deepenss of the game, doesn't mean nobody wants. Its not the reason to make WW3-Overwatch:)
  3. They "reward" those, who know how to use them. BTW they can be used both offensive or defensive. You can break apart whole enemy team push by 1 good airstrike. Or you can eliminate all that hiding and camping entrances guys to attack objective. They are totally useless if not timed and placed well. They are totally devastating if you know what you are doing;) So just learn how to use them)
  4. Hmmm, you may be right. I'll take a closer look when playing next time;) @FoxFort Update: Played a bit and I haven't heard any distortion. Explosions are a lot deeper now but I think they are something between ok to good.
  5. Didn't noticed any distortion. Maybe that's your audio device?
  6. I enjoy them! Yes! They are pretty funny. Not for releasing the game but to have fun one patch - NICE! Must admit that vehicles shots and explosions sound become surprisingly good;)
  7. You are right! It's not because of lacking PTE. But PTE is the actual tool needed for fixing live builds. You need to release tested patches to fix live. Untested patches can be brutally awful. And ultimately what the point of releasing shit to players? So these patches need to test to be sure it's not crap. Which PTE ultimately exists for;)
  8. As everybody does on forums, I'll just leave my opinion here without reading the whole thread. The reality is not behind that we don't need PTE because of very few plays there and/or it splits the community, The real problem is just we need more players on PTE to help developers, and essentially not to suffer ourselves from unstable live patches.
  9. Please be patient. Just wait a bit for the next update;) Oh, and you can hugely help by playing on PTE server.
  10. I am still patiently waiting for the next update;) 0 Crashes
  11. You shot 10 bullets, landed one. That can happen. Especially with SCAR's high recoil
  12. (V)_(O_o)_(v) Enemy just shoots better than you, but that's ok. I had like 5-20 score first 10-15 games as I was figuring out how the game works. Suppressors suppress the sound (surprise surprise), so its harder to locate where you are shooting from. Heavy armor is pretty ok for beginners as it helps to negate few unlucky shots. But I found light setup much more rewarding cause you can move between the objectives MUCH faster and have MUCH more opportunities to flank enemies.
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