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  1. CapybaraPaul

    Punishment for toxic children?

    I am not. Sorry if seemed like that:)
  2. CapybaraPaul

    Punishment for toxic children?

    And the other part of real combat looks like this
  3. CapybaraPaul

    Punishment for toxic children?

    Statistics say the opposite. The most popular milsim is Arma3. 40k peak daily online for the past year. That's not even close to "popular" first-person shooters;) So the vast majority of gamers dislike the actual realistic gameplay. Not mine opinion, just numbers.
  4. CapybaraPaul

    Punishment for toxic children?

    That is really 99% of what you are doing in real combat...
  5. CapybaraPaul

    Punishment for toxic children?

    https://www.independent.co.uk/news/world/americas/us-forced-to-import-bullets-from-israel-as-troops-use-250000-for-every-rebel-killed-314944.html troops use 250,000 for every rebel killed I know that numbers are just a ridiculously estimated, but even if we divide it by 100, 2500 bullets for each kill. In reality, you shoot "somewhere that direction" and hope to land a shot on target. Where are all those guys screaming out loud that they want a realistic game? No guys, you don't...
  6. CapybaraPaul

    ReShade to make the game look better

    Its just looks like it has more contrast and more bright/somewhere toxic colors. Nothing to do with "realistic" colors.
  7. CapybaraPaul

    When is quick loading coming?

    You are welcome
  8. CapybaraPaul

    next update

    Any VRAM leakage fixes? The game is still crashing with "out of vram to allocate textures" error.
  9. CapybaraPaul

    Some thoughts, ideas and findings

    Makes sense If you find it so, it doesn't mean it is They are already pretty tied up. If you can find an adequate squad where players know what do you will see it. You just run together across the map and annihilate everything Why not? It is true only if you perform squad leader orders. If you do so - squad leader is rewarded for good leadership. So its pretty ok. That topic was discussed over 9000 times Agree on that You can customizes colors of that for better visibility
  10. CapybaraPaul

    next update

    Somewhere near Christmas
  11. CapybaraPaul

    We spawned more than 20 quads on the map

    I wanna participate in that crazy shit! Please add me! @PRUNK DIKACHU https://steamcommunity.com/id/capybarapaul/ Checkmate Battlefield. Welcome to "ONLY IN WW3 MOMENTS!'
  12. CapybaraPaul

    Punishment for toxic children?

    I don't know much about "real firefight" but when I play airsoft we hardly ever switch to semi-auto. I know we have no recoil, but still, there is such a thing like fire density. And that is what really matters. Please, stop referring to realism. In reality, you sit behind the corner for 30 minutes to see 1 enemy and shoot him with all firepower you are available. It's happening like: oh fck fck fck, there are enemies! Call aviation! Artillery! BRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRT *sounds of auto-fire overuse* That's not funny to see in a videogame at all. This is a TACTICAL SHOOTER, not real combat simulation. Those are 2 huge differences.
  13. CapybaraPaul

    Punishment for toxic children?

    The message was addressed to, hmmm, that is suspicious, Harshilizer. Just quoted you about the actual TKer. And yep, I shouldn't post that even to that guy, but cmon. If someone posts a stupid post, you get a stupid answer (it totally was, I admit that).
  14. CapybaraPaul

    Punishment for toxic children?

    Accidentally TKing with RPG direct hit for the second time (you can see counter) IN THE COMPLETELY EMPTY ROOM, then shooting for almost FULL HEALTH in again, completely empty corridor. And this: <Removed> /The post has been reported as offensive for the other person. weedtime