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  1. Looking to squeeze as much performance as I can out of this game.
  2. Roadmap needs to happen this week. Your PR person needs to be involved HEAVILY with the community. I highly recommend looking at how Facepunch does their Devblogs for RUST as a solid example of how to push info to the community on a weekly basis. We need to know what you're working on. We are investors in an unfinished project so all we can do is wonder what is going on in the background. Highlight what each aspect of your team is doing. New art? Great. Show us. Fixed a bug? Show us. Map concept? Post it. This is what we NEED as a community to know that our interests are being held into account during the development of this game. You sold us a concept, and idea. We loved it or at least liked it, so we payed you. Keep our confidence. Huge fan of the game thus far and is very close to what I crave out of an fps in 2018. -tyrant
  3. Title. I want to be able to test out how a weapon feels after building it before joining a 45 minute match. Something simple that you can jump in, shoot a few targets and call it good. I don't even care about adding textures or meshes.
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