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  1. it's not a lot of fun. obviouski they're working on it. did they announce any expected updates?
  2. naval vessels would be legit, could see it happen as a stationary map maybe?
  3. sounds like a good idea. i look forward to see what you guys come up with.
  4. to go full healer, optionally instead of a second weapon. let us go full rhealer.
  5. for me driving some of the civilian vehicles. dogs like in far cry (didn't play that game but it looks cool) and bulletproof swat shields. what are your suggestions? (i didn't put it in the suggestions and feedback forum because it's more of a discussion but feel free to replace it if you think it belongs there)
  6. okay but why not the technost then, does it do lower damage?
  7. i'm currently using the German one. the technost has a better fire rate which is good because it gives you a second shot at short range encounters. but how is it's damage? i haven't unlocked it yet so.. is it's damage lower than the Gewehrsomething? if yes would you still recommend it?
  8. short range engagements. feels like dueling. one shot one chance. it's really rewarding if you hit. which is like 40% of the times with my trash aim.
  9. i'm only really bothered by the "jezus f*cking christ almighty" voiceline of when you almost get killed.
  10. yeah that could be a good idea. although some voicelines are kinda funny, and the game not being a serious simulation i don't think it hurts. you're understanding me wrong. i'm disliking these words too. the thing that i'm trying to point out is that people like to insult the believes and peoples that are the easiest to mess with. Christians aren't gonna chop off any devs heads.. but if they think it's alright to mess with peoples believes. they should do it to the believes that actually do something about it too. the fact is, it hurts people. respect others would be the ideal imo. but now the violent religions are being given what they want, rewards for reacting in a violent manner.
  11. have seen mixed answers to this. what's the official one?
  12. okay slightly related question, how do you use the machine guns? as for the nerfed blast radium. imo i'm kinda thankful that's it ain't that big. would be so OP.
  13. i'm Christian (oh shit i know) so i can't appreciate some voicelines, but i understand that most people don't understand why they should give a fuck. but to make it fair i think you should add some other voicelines, just to show that you're not just messing with the nice religions. i mean it's only fair right? i propose: 1 for Muslims: alah fuckme ackbar! 2 for Buddhists : a thousand Buddha's on a stick! 3 for Hindu's: paranja papaya that was a nice shot! if you're not going to do that maybe just add nice nonreligious texts? i'm sure sentences like "a thousand dicks up my ass, fuck me" will be appreciated by everybody who's gonna be a dick against me because i'm giving my honest opinion. jk be yourself.
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