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  1. Every time I wanna do some customisation I 100% of the time get a crash to desktop. How can this be fixed? its annoying that it hasn't been resolved as its been happening since day 1.
  2. Thanks for the update
  3. Will we be able to customise the colours of uniforms also?
  4. Can anyone tell me if weapon skin part customisation is available? I noticed this earlier today it looks like I can colour a ammo magazine or a barrel a different colour (skin) but no skins came up.
  5. Why can't this be posted on twitter and the news section on here, instead it's being posted in the Steam discussions by a Reddit user? this is the lack and poor communication that I'm actually talking about.
  6. The devs really need to release information its a joke that the amount of information that has been posted in this thread that hasn't been confirmed by the devs.
  7. MArrond basically it plays in youtube streams a lot better than what the public has.
  8. Probably after its released from EA XD
  9. WoW they need to provide us more information especially regarding the master server issues I find it unplayable cause of stutter and crashing mainly, Lag you can deal with but not when its along with stuttering.
  10. Does anyone think they will see this thread. I find it disgusting how they have gone quiet tbh.
  11. in a way it's false advertisement
  12. But when you look at the recent videos especially from level cap the game looks like it's playing smooth its not the case. With your comment about the server going from 1k to 10k then that's why they should've made it an open beta a week or two before it's release.
  13. If people didn't like the point that we are making then they need to get their heads out of their arses and stop arse licking these dev's. Game developers deserve praise but they also deserve criticism when its deserved.
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