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  1. Well, as a Clan Member (I play I since BF2) I can say that nobody playsed BF only on normal or hardcore. They played both. I would not see it so black and white. To help this game to grow big it should not be too hard. Not only „PRO“ or „Hardcore“ Gamer want to play this game…..
  2. The 32nd Armor Regiment was an armored regiment of the United States Army until 2000 at which time it was deactivated. It was redesignated and reactivated as the 32nd Cavalry Regiment serving in the 1st Brigade, 101st Airborne Division in 2005.
  3. Hello, in a lot of reviews the ppl write that ww3 is a BF in Hardcore mode. I confirm that. Thats why I would like to ask if its possible to make two modes. Hardcore and Normal? Because a lot off ppl say ist too hard. They die to fast. Yes me too…
  4. Well, I konw a lot of German WW3 Player love to post Ideas and Suggestions. But to write all in english is not easy for all. I only want to help this game. Because a lot of ppl aren´t so good to write in english.
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