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  1. Will there be more tanks inside WW3? Tanks like: Russian T-80 Russian T-90 Russian T-14 Armata: Israel Merkava Main Battle tank:
  2. On Warsaw map, I was driving between A1 and A2 points and then this happened. I fell from street into supermarket corridor.
  3. Putting mines on repair platform, is it allowed? I am asking this because they do it all the time in Warsaw map near bus station.
  4. I would like to know if aiming in tanks works correctly or is it bug?
  5. I do understand your point, I am also a 3D Artist, working in Unreal Engine 4. What if you make it just as visual attachment on the front with no bones and physics. And when plow is on tank it means that tank is safe from 2-4 mines, and then mine plow gets damaged, it just disappears. Mine plow does not need to be on floor in this case because it is just visual attachment, it can be lifted in the air.
  6. All comes down how good is your team or enemy team. I have been in plenty matches where enemy team totally obliterated us on every point. They knew how to work as team while my team was all the fucking time fighting at same point for no good reason instead of spreading around map trying to take points. Also depends on map. As tank driver in map like Berlin (Awesome map btw) is pain to fight on the tight streets. As very good tank driver I could not do shit against those teams, my tank was instantly killed, bombarded from all sides. When all 3 visual systems of a tank are destroyed, tank driver can not see shit, and it is pain in the neck to get your tank to the home base for repairs. This should be fixed so that you can at least get to the home base. Anti tank mines are OP, killing a tank with 1 mine is to easy, killing a tank with 2 or 3 mines should be fine. Soon as a tank driver I will not be able to drive around because there will be mines on every base and every choke points. Tanks prices are fine. Maybe they should reduce artillery cost or increase artillery spread and damage.
  7. Ok lets do some mathematics, how much BP do you get per match and how many tanks (when I talk about tanks I talk of T72 or Leopard) do you buy per match? And how many top-noch tanks can you buy per match? If you say that it is so "easy". When it comes to RPGS just use ammo pack and you will never run out of rockets. People hide behind concrete pillars, walls or iron ship containers which is good cover since in a lot of cases tank shell can not penetrate (but it can in real life). Reducing shell damage would make it even worse. Smokes are just fine the way they are.
  8. Then reduce Basic guided strike from 7500bp to 3000bp FFS.
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