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  1. cause a lot of the problems are still server related i play most of the time on the "small" versions of the maps, runs much better with 32 than with 64 players !
  2. fire on an unprotect bodypart of a soldier hes normaly seriously inquierd, if you hit his lvl 3 Helmet his neck hurts a bit. cant see your point. one hit sniper-rifle would be op.
  3. Sounds like this message comes from the screen, so there maybe has a problem with resolution. Switch to another resolution or to the lowest. if you get picture switch to higher resolutions step by step
  4. Im missing a voicechat too, but in ww3 there are two facts against this. Its important to hear the steps and the voices of the enemy. so when im playing east side i set enemys language on englisch, and allies language on russian for example. So if i hear people talking english (ammo/med drop, granade warning, squad leader commands aso.) i know the steps coming up the stairs are enemies steps. i really like this and push to talk squad members complaining about something will take away this advantage. There is the same problem in rainbow six, 5 quiet guys, sharing important information in short push to talk messages works perfect, but in most of the rounds there is at least one player complaining,blaming,talking shit or plays music and the whole team cant hear steps anymore. im afraid in ww3 it would be quite the same. so for me its the best solution that people who want to speak are doing this with ts/discord. maybe they can improve ingame communication with a better marking system where you can mark enemys and danger zones so your squads know what you are looking for.
  5. There are a lot of hit rec problems which are server related, this also causes frame drops and lag. in the moment im playing the "small" map versions with 32 Players, game works better with less players, but im sure they will fix this. in the end this is the first stress test for the game and the collected data is necessary for imrovements. But i wonder why nobody is talking about the armor system here. Theres a reason why you can carry armor packs. If you survive a fight with low HP, your armor is also damaged or gone, specially if you are wearing light armors. After healing up your HP is back at 100 but you cant take the same amount bullets like before. So you need to reinforce your armor too, to get as strong like after spawning. Also its possible to loose your helmet after taking a hit in the head. Im not sure if the hud shows your armors status, but armor packs are same important than med packs. So a heavy vest stands more rounds than a light one, so you will never now how much rounds you will gonna need for the next guy. im also not sure if armor counts if you hit someone in the side.. ?
  6. i think ww3 is in the "action" genre at steam ? so as long it doesnt want to be a simulation IRL discussions are useless. For sure weapons and vehicles are adopted from real life, but its a mutliplayer shooter. So Balancing and Gameflow is always more important than "realism". I like it if a game like this tries to be as accurate as possible without loosing its fun factor. no revives, different hitzones, dynamic loadout, a score system that forces squad teamplay. So its a "hardcore" focused action shooter and not a war simulation, and it never wanted to be one. If people want to camp its legit, war is hell but they will never lead the scoreboard with camping only.
  7. Its really sad that a lot of people really dont understand what "Early Access" is. I think the main reason is that the big publishers started to use this term for their own "big" games. Buy "BF5" now for a shitload of money to play 2 weeks earlier than your friends IS NOT the meaning of early access. They want you to spend more money for a finished game that was produced with millions of capital from the publisher. REAL EARLY ACCESS is that devs who cant find a big publisher (because the target group is not big enough, and the publishers want to make money) are asking us if we want to spend some money to realize a game thats not mainstream. If you buy it you get a piece of software thats unfinshed (!) because it cant be done without us. we pay for the development, and we the test unfished versions to help in the development because we want this game. Its absoluty normal that it has problems, lags, crashes, people who cant start it while other guys having 100fps. And if someone dont want to part of this.. dont buy it, wait if it becaomes the game you want and get it later.
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