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  1. First shooter I remember was Silkworm on Amiga platform. And first FPS were Duke Nukem 3D and Blood.
  2. Pizza and beer for evening. And for daytime sessions Chinese or Japanese green tea and lot of chocolate with nuts. For special occasions White Russian ?
  3. Currently I'm playing only World of Tanks and Rainbow Six Siege. A few years ago I really enjoyed BF4 and BF BC2.
  4. Exactly. For me, once I tried HC... normal mode just didn't exist. And for World War 3. I think, if they aren't gonna create two separate difficulties, the game will be something between HC and normal, but closer to HC.
  5. This is exactly what I was planning to suggest. Soldier of Fortune was very unique in this. Of course not blowing legs when hit by shotgun, but definitely should some limbs be ripped off when hit by RPG, tank shell, or artillery.
  6. Different wounds: When hit to head - helmet area with low caliber, you get stunned - fall on ground, vomit, blurred vision for some time. When hit to head - helmet area with high caliber, you die. When hit to head - face area with any caliber, you die. When hit to arm - you can only use one pistol, knife or grenade. When hit to leg - you will be 30% slower and cant sprint. When hit to both legs - you can only crawl. When hit to chest with heavy bulletproof vest on, you will be shaking your aim for some time.
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