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  1. your tank costs 3250bp Basic and our Basic guided strike 7500bp
  2. if you hit infantry with any tank weapon they will die fast too. I didn't never say to nerf tanks. Just give more tools to deal with constant waves of ordered tanks
  3. as you say my master. idon't want to be the obstacle of your endless high killstreaks
  4. it needs some balancing in this game. Maybe lower the price of aerial attacks or made them little bit faster, i dunno. Anti-tank bazooka what came first to my mind
  5. Sorry didn't meant to hurt anyones feelings, this is actually first time i mention tank players in forums And i've played almost every battlefield games. There it was more easier to get by with tanks as an infantry?
  6. I would Still recommend World of tanks to you. Have you tried it? You would be really good at it. You got your tank when you spawn. No worries to nobody stealing it tough. You might find some good fellow tankers there. I think player base is like 7-17 years old. Im not a tank player but the game i heard is good?
  7. so you were tanking there as well...interesting ?
  8. have i said i suck tanking? i feel guilty when i use it so i quit using tanks. There is a game for you tank guys where there ain't easy targets to kill and get 60/3 kd:s and i mentioned the game earlier. This time with no sarcasm. I bet you won't even play objective. Just getting those sweet K/D:s Let's forget that anti-tank weapon. Instead of that devs should put an tank icon to scoreboard next to your gamertag so we can see with what did you get those amazing kills. Did play few games and saw again 40/6 and 60/8 K/D:s. Guess what those guys where doing? Tanking around, suprise. Like i said before. I don't give credit for those guys. They are fucking cowards waiting for another tank to drive with when one is blown under their feet, instead of just playing the game.
  9. Why not getting those 6000bp as an infantry? no rpg's waiting. You don't have thermal, but hey so doesn't anyone else going by foot. I am sorry to hear that home base tank is just a " Basic " model but if you grind enough there will be that luxury version waiting. I think im going to be a tank player myself so we can all tap ourselves to te back when we shoot infantry with thermal vision on and smoke blazing on the back. By the way tried that tandem rpg. I've got one tank killed with it. Got instantly called RPG noob, thanks for the tip. Now you made me that rpg lurker
  10. and im starting to think instead of infantry player you are a tank player after all that was sarcasm i said when i said World of tanks.
  11. i thought i was on ww3 forum, not World of tanks
  12. so you use your home base spawn tank to get those 6000bp and then order even powerfull tank
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