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  1. Only thing I find a bit odd is that all weapons now start out with even less ammo than befor. So I understand that u only start with 60 Bullets for ur SCAR-H still kinda low tho. But what I dont get is why some other weapons now also have lower ammo counts, might be just a bug but still, people told me they now start with less ammo for AK-15 too.
  2. Someone said EAC is easy to hack ofc it is hackable but that doesn't mean it's easy. There literally I no game without cheaters man why u so blinded by internet "facts" if it's so easy to hack go for it and show how easy it is.
  3. When someone demands a shooter for Xbox or PS I ask myself what happend to the world
  4. @CapybaraPaul any lags when firing or when in CQC with other players?
  5. @Ragir are u guys using smth like physX particles or smth Selfmade? Because if its physX I advice everyone to go to Nvidia Control Panel and set it to CPU if u play on Ryzen 5 or 7 or a i5 5xxxk or higher or i7 5xxxk and or higher.
  6. Noone said loading times are better on HDD lol but when playing u literally see no big difference stuttering and lags are more likely caused by GPU load or CPU load and in case of the game the particles seem to drain a lot of CPU power and since multi core usage isn't the best this is most likely causing stuttering.
  7. They aren't expensive, but the let's be honest SSD is not needed when playing only when loading. A SSD actively reduces loading time u know that thing what is done when u launch the game. While in-game storage is mostly meh and if u have a HDD with 400mb/s read it makes no sense if u can get this for 60€ or if u buy a SSD with 700+ mb/s in-game completely pointless to load up smth ofc.
  8. Sorry I have todo this now HDDs aren't for gaming in which world do u live m8? I have nearly all games on HDD cuz cheap and large storage SSD is only good if u load stuff from it like ur OS the rest doesnt really matter for example whats the current speed of a HDD my 6yo HDD has 200Mb/s my SSD 4yo around 420MB/s AND this speed as said only really matters if u load stuff aka ur drive is reading out smth oh btw on a SSD u need more free space so it can read properly if I remember correctly and 10y+ with SSD unlikely the first SSD with 32GB is from 2007 and was around 700€.
  9. Did u post specs in here already? Or not because this seems to be a CPU or ram issue I think
  10. No learn to read I said first implement all the features u want then optimise that's how it was and how it always will be. U are acting kinda ignorant only reading half the posts maybe u don't understand what's written idk. U are calling everyone defending the Devs fanboy I would call them educated in terms of IT and game development well at least half of them.
  11. said the idiot u said fix performance lol. Ppl like me and @CapybaraPaul explained u that is nothing that can be instantly fixed but u kept yelling like a kid. U CAN NOT PUT PERFORMANCE BEFOR CONTENT again code lines interact with other code lines so adding new code for smth new would require u to reoptimize and rewrite big parts of the existing code. If u think u can do a better optimized game straight out the box go for it I will be here waiting for it m8. So basically saying hurr durr but performance is nonesense since game isnt finished therefor performance isnt optimizes yet but idk if u have recommended specs u can run the game very smooth apperantly seems to be only u tho
  12. argument invalid playerbase increased bei 100% since patch player amount growing meh Oh and a true fanboy would upset the dev because its a dedication to the GAME NOT THE DEV dev fanboys dont say anything negative about the devs and normal humans realise how hard it is to create a code for a game unlike u throwing around with nonesense and blaming others for being none constructive while doing the same.
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