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  1. No, my friend don't have this problem, he is enter the match as usial. When i'm playing the solo all worked nice. We tryed to change squad leader and my friend is start the game but it's don't changed anything. And also i'm cant change my flag and shevron (mb it's help ). So, sorry for false information, i was wrong, i have this problem when i'm play solo too.
  2. It's happening with the ~90% chance when i'm try to play with friend.
  3. DESCRIPTION OF BUG (required: if the possible provide screenshots or video): error when try to enter to match with friend : Failed Dedicated Server Login GAME BUILD ID (required: please go to the game's properties on Steam and find it under the local files tab at the bottom): 3307120 STEPS TO REPRODUCE (required): run the game, create squad with your frield, klick launch button SYSTEM SPECIFICATIONS (required for crash or performance issues): i7 8700 32 gb DDR 4 2666 geforce 1070 CRASH LOG (if any):
  4. Полагаю пока игре нужен более производительный проц. Герцовка памяти на интеле неважна особо, так что 1600 - не страшно. Вообще вы сами можете поставить тот же msi afterburner и понять где затык. У меня i7 8700 + 32 DDR4 2666, полет в игре нормальный. И кстати есть в игре места на карте где фпс падает до 30, но такое место видел только одно пока. И да, пока не хватает оптимизации ?
  5. vasy

    Map is broken

    Yea, it's like map is have 3D environment ? . But i can respawn only on my team commander and it's little annoying.
  6. vasy

    Map is broken

    Hi. When i'm enter to the match the map seems broken and also i'm don't see any point markers in the HUD when i'm start playing the game. I'm trying to fix this problem by reinstall game and remove configs from App/Local/WW3 but it's don't have any effect. Screenshot included.
  7. После загрузки в матч карта в большинстве случаем сломана, в точек на HUD нету. так же она выглядит и при нажатии М . Игру переустанавливал, файлы проверял, конфиги из App/Local/WW3 удалял.
  8. Та же шляпа, посмотрим конечно как будет после патча 0.1.1 .
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