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  1. Wrong. The early access is the point of finding the golden middle and it takes a lot of tries. The updates to TTK are not coming every day. So it's good.
  2. I was not able to test fully 0.5, my PING and constant FPS spikes made gameplay almost unplayable. I've also tried playing with everything on LOWEST settings, still the same issue. I don't know what you did, but 0.4 for me was giving much better performance compared to newest 0.5 When I'm close to other multiple players games becomes almost " a slideshow".
  3. I only play on EU servers, today there was only one Warzone map full, other empty. I've played the game at bit at 9AM, 1PM, 16PM for 45 minutes each time. Maybe even less
  4. I don't play PTE, only standard version from time to time. I've taken almost a month and a half brake from the game. I've tried it today and noticed many small improvements in many areas. Good work, game is slowly getting better and better. I still see that body armor is pretty much useless. Which is a bummer for my taste. Also, i got a few requests: - Please, add these two uniform camouflages OMON and PJP - Due to length of the match, small player base (at the moment) to increase money earned and on quitting the match not to lose money/progress earned. Staying 30 - 45 minutes on warzone map with ~10 players running around in total is not that much fun. It gets boring so i quit, but i don't get the money earned as part of punishment for abandoning the match, which is fair enough punishment. But during this Alpha, could we have a bit more money earn increase and once game becomes more popular with at least 500 players daily to lower money earning levels to more appropriate ones?
  5. I disagree with this. Because these games are heavily experience oriented with long learning curve. Not to mention that brute force here usually ends us everyone on your team wiped out. BF3's hardcore mode as well. It is true that Insurgency, RS, Arma and Squad are not made for competitive sport level of Counter-Strike or R6:Siege. Usually people from "hardcore" games tend to easier adapt to casual games like CS than other way around. For WW3 game, on the long run there should be 2 difficultly levels, normal and hardcore. Just like in BF3. Latency is currently the greatest issue that WW3 has, because with current fast TTK, game feels "broken".
  6. Low BTK is not bad when done correctly. Also you need a really good servers for Low BTK experience because then it all comes down to PING. Rubber banding is still happening for many players. It doesn't matter that I connect to ~45ping server when in there everyone is having PING issues. Now not speaking of PING issue which eventually will be fixed (I hope). Armor plates are now not done correctly. Almost like you are not having them, this could be related to PING issue since that lag creates "instant" death experience. That bug in 0.1 where plates where super effective, I really liked it. It gave you a big confidence and landing that one bullet to face kill was rewarding. Now, it's a mindless run and gun experience. meh.
  7. Thank you for the feedback. I've noticed lack of (in my view) ADS sway on ide when holding long barrel weapons. I am PKM guy, I've noticed lack of barrel sway when ADS in standing position. It's easier to land first one kill shot when aiming from standing position. Both ironsights and 4x scope. Long barrel attachments on all rifles should have a bit more sway when ADS. Perhaps it could be good to try removing random bullet deviation and tie bullet exit with place where barrel is pointing. With that just a tad of recoil and weapon ads sway (not realistic one) you could also solve thing with how deadly bullets will be. Also detach weapon recoil from camera, so that weapon is "jumping" on the screen while camera has just a bit of shake. Not strong as weapon recoil itself. RS2: Vietnam has this but they took realistic approach to it. Imagine that but without stamina and "free-look" feature it has. With bullet exit tied with barrel end(no random deviation) plus friendly recoil strength, people would far less spray and use 1-3 burst fire. You can beef up armor and it will make those one shot kill in the guts and head/neck a bit harder. I would strongly suggest for the team to play RS2: Vietnam and to make a casual friendly gunplay. (By Removing weapon "flee look", reducing recoil, detaching weapon recoil from camera).
  8. I would say that the best mix of casual and "realism" gameplay is Battlefield 3. It has a bit of everything and makes a good mix. It has a recoil and (to my dislike) a slight random bullet deviation with recoil. So far the only game I found that has realistic weapon recoil is RS2: Vietnam, they managed to achieve the most realistic I've seen in a video game. Now I like more thinking and shooting gameplay than gun and run shooter. Everyone has a different liking so finding a best middle ground would be, in my opinion, strong similarity of BF3 gunplay. Currently I feel that I am playing a CoDMW2 in WW3 which is not something that I like. I am not saying that game went into a wrong direction, just to my liking I would be avoiding to play this game. Again, I don't see WW3 becoming another Arma or Squad game, but at the same time I also don't see it becoming another CoD game. With fast TTK and armor plates now being meaningless made ww3 a generic gun and run gameplay. Or putting it simply, just look at BF3 gun play mechanic and more/less copy it. Ideally, how I see it. 1) Recoil with random pattern but not too strong (depending on caliber). 2) Full auto firing amplifies point 1) with every 5 bullets fired. So with full auto 20 bullets in a row will make your weapon sway all around. (~1.5 cm on your screen in all direction at random so you have to counter it with mouse moving in opposite direction). 3) Armor plating having a proper penetration mechanics and not just HP. Armor plating getting hit and weaken in top right part but should not lower protection of non-damaged lower left part. 4) Bullets exiting barrel in direction where it's pointing (no random bullet deviation). 5) Standing, crouching and prone have different weapon sway effect when aiming down the sights. 6) Jumping and shooting should never be possible.
  9. All good here, it started with 0.4 update. Audio is not "clean" as it was, bass effect is too strong, unless I need to play with some ingame settings.
  10. Bass is still too strong, audio doesn't have quality. Sounds now sound distorted with this bass effect.
  11. This is the problem with TTK, fast TTK means it all comes down to PING and your FPS, not your skills. When I get into server and my PING is low and stable, I get no "challenge" from the gameplay now.
  12. Killing and dying now is a lot faster. I am not sure how to approach it. On the one hand, it's more "realistic" but on the other hand, no weapon sway no, stamina, almost makes this game a too simple. Luckily recoil is strong so it kinda balances it. (Not enough in my opinion). Currently my whole experience is mindless run and gun... Spawn, sprint around, kill, sprint, die, respawn. Repeat and repeat. Once you learn how your weapon recoil behaves, it's super easy to play and gets "stale" after one full match. Only thing that I am having issue is PING. I am not seeing much challenge now, gun and run is fun I just can't play more than 1 hour at this moment per day, or I can go a full week without playing easily (still play for 1 hour and it's enough). Recently I have moved from ArmA3 onto Squad so when I want more slowly and heavily team oriented experience I play that game, so I don't expect or need WW3 to be Squad v2. Currently, WW3 is closer to CoDMW2 gameplay style. When v0.1 was released it had the super strong armor plates and it gave WW3 some, "flavour". With that gone and now fast TTK, I'm basically playing MW2 now. (meh). Could we perhaps in future see a bit less of this mindless sprinting around game design? It's too generic with market being oversaturated with these kind of titles. With game being in Beta 0.4, the game is far from being completed. So I just want to point now, that with v0.4 you have made overall a good improvements with your game, which is truly a job well done. Thank you for the server browser !
  13. So playing the new map SMOLENSK, I am kinda disappointed. But that's mainly because I had a different expectation. When I first heard about Smolensk map, I was kinda expecting a larger map/battle. Because I was associating new map with WW2 scale battle (I don't know why). So I was hoping for a map that will put emphasis on large scale battle, outside of urban infantry oriented maps. I was hoping for a map where vehicles would have "advantage", turns out it's just another infantry oriented map. With map being set outside of cities (but still forest area) I was hoping that map with country side would be vehicles oriented map, since we already got 3 infantry maps. I don't mind the current ALPHA "Lego" stage looks, but honestly having another infantry map is not that appealing. Once map is finished, there would be grass and bushes everywhere, which means infantry first. My suggestion for this or some future map is vehicles oriented map for diversion purpose. It would be good to have a map vehicles oriented now. So far, infantry combat is cool, I like it, but it's also a time to "play" with vehicle 1st maps. Now, comparing this game with Battlefield series is not good for multiple reasons. What I would like to point is, BF3/4 have infantry 1st maps and a few maps which where made for armored warfare (BF3 DLC: Armored Kill). So DEVS, please consider to start working on Vehicle first maps.
  14. Yes, this is it. It makes gameplay unplayable. I think this is server related, latency/ping thing. But I don't know if I can do something about it.
  15. Lately my game experience got so worse, that I can't play this anymore. As soon as I am near a player, my game has micro stuttering and if enemy is in my view, game goes from stable ~45FPs to 1, then jumps 30, to 40 fps then again back to 1. Usually I die in encounter because from moment when I see the enemy it starts to stutter, or better yet skips frames just so that i can see my death animation. This is happening constantly, not sometimes, Only way I can play, is from afar with MG, because I have a chance, even with this constant sudden stutter with enemy in view I can mostly kill enemy from long range. I didn't had this issue ~2 weeks ago. It started like 2 or 3 patches ago. usually my Latency is ~85. Any advice?
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