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  1. Spam anti-tank mines on commonly used routes. They kill the tank instantly, and last forever until blown up, or someone disables them. If the driver is already engaged or trying to rush a position they're unlikely to look where they're going. In ideal circumstances you can destroy the vehicle before the player has had a chance to secure enough points for a new one, so hopefully you've denied them vehicle support for a while.
  2. Generally speaking, from a regular 6-10kg TNT mine, the crew of an MBT would be fine (unless they're incredibly unlucky) but definitely rattled and out of action for a while. The track or tracks are gone of course, as are roadwheels, suspension arms, etc. so the tank isn't moving on its own anywhere for a long, long while. So Same thing with the APC's in the game, as I'd venture a guess they've a v-shaped hull. Both of the IFV's (Marder, Anders) would be goners, though. So I do agree that unless we get tracks/engine as modules that can be damaged, the better alternative is just to OHK the vehicle to keep atleast a semblance of authenticity. That said, judged purely on appearance, the mine in the game seems to be some sort of shaped charge variant, so it'll cut through all of the vehicles like a knife through butter. The shaped charge mines can pen more, and even if they couldn't, the bottom of the hull even in modern tanks isn't that thick. There's basically no risk involved, you can just chuck them way before any tank shows up and forget all about it. Though I agree that the concept of placing as many mines as you like with no limit on it whatsoever does have the potential for some cheese anti-tank tactics. At any rate, I think it's premature to make judgements on whether or not there needs to be a nerf as the majority of players haven't figured out how to use them yet.
  3. Mines which contain shaped charges, for ex.
  4. Finland, Israel, New Zealand and Sweden are not NATO-member states. Of course, since this is a game set 10-20 years in the future, things could and will obviously change in that time - although New Zealand definitely will not join NATO and I doubt Israel will be allowed either as neither of them are on the North Atlantic coast. Similarly, while I cannot comment on the practices of the other nations there, I can say from firsthand experience that Finland (for the most part) does not allow women into frontline combat roles, for ex: infantry, engineers, armor. The Finnish Defence Force is still primarily a conscript force with women being given the option to volunteer for service. However, as there's no pre-service physical fitness testing in place (neither for women or men), the majority of women are placed into non-combat roles, for ex. logistics, signals, military police. This is done because on average, the volunteers are in worse shape than the frontline roles would require - the same does apply to many conscripted men, but they can be more quickly trained to the required physical condition. The only exception to this is some units that require you to pass testing for your physical and mental capabilities before your service, for ex. airborne, border guards, navy combat divers and international quick reaction forces, but women are in the definite minority in those units. I really have no dog in this fight, this isn't ARMA but nor is it BF, so if the devs choose to implement female soldiers I expect them to make it look authentic and believable. I've no problem with having female soldiers in the game, as it would be far more believable here than it is in another, rather infamous title. I just wanted to point out the misconceptions regarding FDF in the original post as I served my conscription time as a tank commander in a mechanized infantry platoon in a jaeger battalion, and there was not a single woman in the unit.
  5. I agree with the sentiment - I played shitton of BF2 as well and I really didn't and still don't care for progression systems. More often than not, they're made into an artificial and tedious grind that serves no other purpose than to keep people hooked, since they feel they already invested a lot of time in the previous unlocks, they'll feel inclined to play a bit more to get the next one, and the wheel goes round... To be fair though, BF2 did have unlocks, I can't remember if they came with the expansion packs or not, but you could unlock alternative weapons for the classes.
  6. I like the idea of a mobility kill, but I don't see why you would ever want to bail out. I mean, the vehicle lock doesn't prevent the enemy from getting in your tank, I think? So you're essentially just gifting them a free vehicle that doesn't count against their vehicle limit. Not to mention that you're incredibly likely to get shot up making your escape, anyway, since tanks draw a lot of attention.
  7. Did a bit of testing regarding this the other day. I'm not sure if it's working as intended at the moment, but here goes: 1: Indefinitely. They stay until you pick them up, someone disarms them, they are triggered by a nearby explosion (about 5-10m radius) or a vehicle traveling over it. 2: No. They last until one of the conditions at 1. is met. 3: Not 100% on this one, but there seems to be no limit, or it's so high you're unlikely to hit it. Would need some further testing. I had a match the other day where I pretty much just played engineer, running around and throwing anti-tank mines everywhere, went off for a quick fight, then repeated the procedure. Every time I went back to check on them, my mines were still there, except in the rare case that someone had driven over it. Noone seemed to disarm them, and I can't recall seeing any of the enemy's anti-tank mines before I hit one, so I'm not even sure if you can see enemy's mines. More than likely I'm just blind, though. Would like to see a dev confirm or elaborate on my findings.
  8. You can already cook grenades, the fuse is about 5 seconds long though so you've to hold it in your hand a bit longer than you might be used to in other games.
  9. I just assumed it shows where the barrel is pointed at relative to your sight since they're misaligned. In the case of the Leo, the commander's sight is on top of the turret and to the right of the gun, so you can see above obstacles that your gun barrel might not clear. edit: I feel I should've explained a bit further. In modern tanks, the (primary) sights aren't fixed to the gun barrel, and haven't been for a long time. Instead they can traverse and elevate independently of the gun, while the Fire Control System takes care of calculating traverse, elevation and if necessary lead to hit the target you have used the laser to measure the distance to, or if you've set the distance manually. That's why you can run into funky situations where everything looks clear from the gunner's sight, but there's something between the barrel and the target.
  10. Potentially. Depends heavily on the vehicle. Most modern vehicles have fairly sophisticated armor designs for mine-protection. In modern vehicles, the driver might be injured but rarely outright killed, but the vehicle definitely isn't going anywhere after hitting a mine. It'll blow your wheels, tracks, suspension arms, etc. clean off. As a tanker, this. Although vehicles can use thermals in case the mines are freshly dug, but it'll do nothing if they're not dug at all or they've been in the ground for a long time. But it slows the tank down considerably since it can't watch the surroundings if it's watching the road, and vice versa.
  11. I'm mainly a vehicle player, and I think this echoes the same thing that was said earlier. There's a lot of tools to deal with tanks already, to the point that once people start utilizing those tools more effectively it'll become a tad bit risky to order a fully kitted out MBT since you'll be spending most of your time repairing it. Just to recap: Anti-tank mines. You get 2 as you spawn, and they persist through death, so you can spam an unlimited number throughout the match. Just toss a few here and there around caps and causeways, and you're good to go. C4, once it gets buffed. RPG's. Single-stage does half damage from behind, tandem will kill the tank outright. TOR, notoriously, will kill any vehicle with the single magazine of AP ammo. If you're carrying no AT ordnance, go for the optics (Marrond posted a good video about how quickly they can be destroyed), and with a bit of luck you'll blind the tank in an instant. At the moment the game is still new, and people are still learning how to deal with different situations, including tanks. Having a bit of teamwork and people using a combination of the above tools will do wonders to curb tankers from getting outrageous K/D ratios, and forcing them in turn to focus on objectives and teamplay. Today I had my first matches where I actually had people purposefully trying to aim at my optics, and plinking at me with TOR's. I imagine that's going to be more and more popular as time goes by. 500BP is enough, the vehicles easily end up costing plenty already if you actually want some protection on them. Terminator turret is ridiculous at the moment though, I agree, but I recall reading that it's being re-balanced.
  12. Inspired by the Finnish camo in the other thread, I wanted to suggest some Finnish weapons to accompany it. RK62M, chambered in 7,62: RK95TP, in 7,62 as well: Or how about Sako TRG-42, in .338: Or one of the weirder ones, Valmet M82 in either 7,62 or 5,56:
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