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  1. my idea its really its only work bipod with prone why its not work cover with cover window and cover low wall my idea its to fix and add bipod can now use in window cover and cover low thank you
  2. add Altyn face shield it give you protect to face and coins its give you Reduces player vision // armor Heavy and Altyn face shield its you choose of you want to put helmete Altyn face shield or of you not want to put helemte with Altyn face shield its you choose add legs armor it have mediun legs armor or light legs armor or heavy legs going talk first heavy legs armor give 85% damage reductions and coins its very high durability and cant jump Pro give you bonus explosion reduction 75% medium legs armor give you 60% damage reductions and coins you jump be low you cant jump high meduim durability Pro give you bonus explosion reduction 35% light armor give you 35% damage reductions and low durability coins its you not get explosion reduction here we should do with armor chest why only front armor my idea its of you want to extra armor you can use to have front armor and behind armor for extra reduction what armor you use give same durability thank you question about armor?
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