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  1. Jumped into a game 10 mins thats it. Game ended then. Cant play or test this way. Leaving game till timer is up again ?
  2. Oh ok thanks for infos. Fully texture load like in squad is a good option, no more streamin at least for good pc.
  3. Love 150 with 1080ti but could use like 180
  4. True some 30 min server some 60 or so
  5. Nice feedback agree an all but eye adaptation. When eye adapting is off i force my gamma via gpu or others will do dark equilizer build in monitor. Thats a big advantage. An option to turn it off would ne nice though. time 30 mins is a big deal and low tikets too, i am not motivated to test pte anymore cause of the 10 minute matches i am thrown in. Love the 45 matches..
  6. Nice, player culling perhaps? You must get like 30 FPS plus in final release with 64 player. I mean its doable with ue4. Your on 4.19 this is quit good. Squad on 4.16 is good optimized with 80 players and very big maps and view distance. You will make it!
  7. Yeah turn off the one tread frame lag, then you r into cpu limit.with it on of course too but at higher fps. And dont monitor cpu monitor gpu when its at 90 or100 its cpu limit. as for the one thread frame lag..you get input lag and so you cant hit so good anymore. Better get some cpu optimization and turn it off. At leadz for a fast paced shooter.
  8. Well .. 1.95 mb limit lol we on 2018 so i cant sent a screenshot to help. Get some bandwith guys!
  9. In berlin a1 the bar. Happens to a lot material no matter which rifle.
  10. Tried 6 games now all 3 minutes to end. Make 45 or more time to test not 3o..and check your server not to throw us in ending matches.
  11. In some cases, dont know how to reproduce and no armor indicator on t72 and weird camera when a nother soldier comes close to a tank and you are the soldiers when someone is in your tank..lol the camera system messed up. rhats from 3 minutes gameplay. Super bugged.
  12. Nice thanks thought my real profile was messed too.
  13. Nit fixes. Hint particles perhaps blood particles
  14. That was not the deal, never read this that you lost all in pte..
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