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  1. See title. It's happening again. Steam is running. Cheers EDIT: My firewall blocked the game after the patch/hotfix thing.
  2. Hi guys, there was something weird going on inside my mind today. As a dedicated Battlefield Player, who has been getting more and more frustrated regarding the sh..storm BFV is constantly creating, a had a weird idea. I would love to recommend WW3 as an alternative to my clanmates, but the state of WW3 at the moment isn't really allowing that. When I look at the recently announced BFV patch and DICE straight up taking a sh.. on it's core playerbase, I was wondering. Why are you guys not connecting the dots and push WW3 into beeing a real alternative to BFV/ BF4. The BFV playerbase is craving for something like that and I guess a lot of BFV players would love to turn their backs on the broken mess BFV is. This is your chance now, fix WW3, make it a solid choice for clans and players that are done with the BF-franchise. Advertise it properly, put it back on the market. Step in where Dice lets it's playerbase down. WW3 has so much potential to do that, but you have to act - now! I personally would love to take my fellow clan members over to WW3. Please, I want that to happen!
  3. I just tried to start the game and it works. Thank you very much guys. /closed
  4. The game was running fine for me. The last times I tried to play it I always got stuck in the loading screen with the message shown: ERROR: NO STEAM CONNECTION Steam was running at the moment. Reinstalled, still the same. Didn't change my hardware. I guess the last time I played was about a month ago. Why is that? Please help me out. Thanks
  5. Man, I didn't know Interpol before I checked out the video. They're are absolutely amazing, thank you very much for introducing me to this incredible band! I'm an Interpol fan now. Cheers!
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