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  1. "Global sniper rifle damage increase by 20 on all ranges to assure 1-shot headshots, " hahaha you guys must be on some drugs snipers are 1shoting you in pinky toe shot, why do they need to even try head shot? why EVEN bother to hit that small hit box when you have whole body to 1 shot? if you wana add this dmg increas then rework your hitbox dmg modul... this game rewards spraying in legs- why even bother to shoot head or chest when leg shots do more dmg? chest plate is useless, the % of hits you get there is minimal, also head shots, you can run around without helmet and dont worry in 40min. match you get MAYBE 3 head shot deaths... first start fixing your dmg module, then adding new stuff. and why people aim in legs? first of all they suck at aiming in head, second it deals too much dmg go look up some brazilian limb chopping videos and see what human body survives
  2. as i see you also got no clue what line of sight is, IF you shoot tank in ass from bellow UP, APS isnt even in line of sight to destroy rpg... its magical shit that activates 360 no matter from what angle you shoot, it destroys rocket..aps isnt some magical shit that can fire true tank in his ass to destroy rocket, and its not fucking force shield also..
  3. yes well you do know what line of sight is? park the tank behind house, so APS is covered with HOUSe, then fire in ass thas is sticking out, tell em what happens...
  4. yes it does trigger, and it triggers from ass shot also, which is joke atm..APS is mounted in front of turret and block shots that arent even in its line of sight...joke
  5. well APS work when you shoot enemy from behind when he is is passing you bay in the ASS, get real, that shit is mounted on front turret, not in back of engine...
  6. pls get real, geting shot in pinky toe for 50 dmg while headshot isnt even 1 shot with 50 cal rifle, joke game is one big spray legs fest, 0 skills, aim and shoot in da legs, ez not even wotrh going for headshot or chestshot not even worth trying to control recoil, aim in da pinky toe, and bam.
  7. what does it matter when the rest of his head hitbox is standing still kek..also head shot are not worth it when pinky toe shot deals more dmg, just spam in his legs and balls, ez also dmg hitbox need change, wrist shot doing 40 dmg with AK, get real, go on crayzshit. and see some Brazilian videos of chopping, and see what human limbs survive... in this game head shot and torso shot aren't even worth trying to hit...
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