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  1. The maps are kinda small for a big emphasis on more transport vehicles don't you think? I like more vehicles to choose from but I don't see more transport vehicles adding anything of value to our smallish medium sized maps other than vehicle bloating.
  2. This thread is very heated. But fun to read.
  3. It's polishing in the end. It doesn't make a difference gameplay wise now if the animations don't line up perfectly so why waste time for it now?
  4. I did but again only post processing changes something significantly.
  5. Since the 0.6 update my game (especially in smolensk) is extremly blurry. I played around my setting and figured out that post processing is somehow a little bit the cause for that. I had to put it on low otherwise it would be unplayable. It is much worse on the edge of the screen. It gives me kinda a tunnelvision where I have to look at it to actually see anything. Is this supposed to be like that? 1. Picture: Look at the trees to the left and the right of the screen. They are really blurry. (Post processing enabled) 2.Picture: It is a little bit better with post processing disabled but still blurry. EDIT: I tried it on smolensk and warsaw now and only smolensk has that problem.
  6. Well we have the lock feature in the tanks so I don't think that would be a problem. You could give the driver a forward mounted mg or lmg whatever, the turret with a maincannon and a mg, and then a rcws on top. Would make the mbts a powerhouse but would need 3 people to achieve that kind of power ( and a hellfire can still deal with them if they are very good).
  7. Maybe make that IFV can be controlled by 1 guy but the big MBT's have the set up as suggested. So if you really want a powerhouse of a tank you have to work together but if you are alone you can still drive the IFV. Just and idea. Would love more Teamplay for tank crews.
  8. A little short notice but awesome idea!
  9. My short preview, didn't play much though. Love the warmup. Now you can to stupid stuff while you wait for other players. I like the new minimap (tho really zommed in, have to check if I can zoom out) and the big map is amazing (you stop moving/aiming when opening it but I like the transparant visuals way more). I like the new lighting on Warsaw. On Moscow it's also amazing and beautiful but I have kinda hard time seeing people now on this map. Feels really blurry at long distances mostly sometimes even short distances. And thank you for fixing the RCWS turrets. Now I can play with friends in a tank again. Performance still got 100+ frames on every map.
  10. I think this worked at some point. You could run and hold tab to look at the scoreboard. Now you stop everytime you look at it which is a slight inconvenience for me while running. Is there a possibility to add that?
  11. @weedtime nice and professional response to a kinda provoking Post. Well done. /I don't think it was provoking, maddini is with us quite some time. weedtime
  12. @Virgil I know you are angry 'cause you like the game and want it to succeed and it's not moving fast enough for you. I feel you I really do but it won't change over night tho. Just step back and play some other game for some time and come back later. Don't frustrate yourself or others over this.
  13. What does new content achieve if you cant play it because its broken. What do 50 new guns and vehicles achieve if you cant do anything with them cause they spawn with no ammo or not at all. What do 10 new Maps achieve if you crash 1min into any one of them other than frustrate everyone and bring bad press? I see your point with fast development and bugfixes later but I don't think you should go the EA way if you do it like this. People have expectations even if "NOT FINISHED" is written red with flashing lights over everything. And they gonna give their opinion on the steam reviews/YouTube/Reddit. Bad reputation is hard to recover from. Look at No man's Sky. It is not a bad game now actually. But the start was horrible and for most people it's still negativ afflicted. Granted ww3 is far off from No man's Sky but still my point is about people talking shit about this game everywhere if nothing works even if there is a lot of content. Maybe i'm totally wrong and the fast and painfull way is the way to go... We all have pretty much no Idea whats gonna happen and have none or very little experience in this regard so I'm kinda surprised that they let the community "decide" in this matter.
  14. Same. I played with some Friends some time ago. Loved to get into vehicles with someone as a gunner and feel the epic teamwork. Now the turrets don't work anymore. Health station in base is buggy as hell and the netcode does not keep up with hits onto fast vehicles. And the only thing I get is for months "thanks reported". No time when or nothing. I don't blame them. I just moved on to other Games. 0.5 does not look like it fixed any of these issues so lets wait for 0.6. or 0.7 and so on.
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