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  1. I wanted to hear your guys opinion about the SQL right now. Before the change the SQL couldn't spawn on squadmates which gave him a really important role as to stay alive and keep the squad in the fight. Now he is kinda the disposable one which is the first to charge and get killed. He has such a quick respawn timer that it doesn't really hurt if you kill him. Maybe increase the spawn timer for the SQL so it matters more that he died? Or revert to the old system where he could only spawn on flags/base? I would love to have him as a more important character which hurts if he gets killed.
  2. To be honest I miss the times where the Squadmates could spawn on the squadleader but the squadleader could only spawn on flags/base. It gave so much value to the squadleader and loosing him had really a impact for your push. Thats how frontlines developed. Once your SQL died you had to start the push anew. Now the SQL is the first to go in and the disposable one because he can spawn so fast on anyone anyway. And you can't just wipe a squad by killing him. They will just keep comming as long as just 1 guy stays alive.
  3. Hey Dave, I like the idea of more visual fidelity but this is still in alpha not even close to beta. I think they will improve a lot for the visuals once the game gets closer to release. Don't forget the brackets in the title otherwise it will be automatically refused. Cheers
  4. Well I feel like only every second jam really works on the drone. Sometimes the pilot can move for 20+ seconds after I deploy it or isn't affected at all so maybe that also a problem.
  5. Nope it's a flying tank atm. It has amazing offensive potential and takes hits like crazy. Where is the drawback? It should be a flying glasscannon. Very good offense capability and manoeuvrability but not much health. Have you tried hitting a moving chopper 3 times with a rpg? Thats mad. I agree with 1 hit with any rpg (or at least standart and tandem).
  6. This is your reply to this....? Nothing wrong with the balance part of the game I'm just bad? Ok...
  7. I hit a new low today. Gonna take a break until something changes about the chopper.
  8. DESCRIPTION OF BUG (required: if the possible provide screenshots or video): If you decide to go through the broken part of the railing you can get stuck and it shows the falling animation. GAME BUILD ID (required: please go to the game's properties on Steam and find it under the local files tab at the bottom): 3981881 STEPS TO REPRODUCE (required): as said SYSTEM SPECIFICATIONS (required for crash or performance issues): CRASH LOG (if any):
  9. What about a medium cost anti tank airstrike which you call in and guide with your laser pointer on your gun. It makes it skillfull as you need line of sight for the strike, gives the enemy tank some dodge capability if he is skilled and aware and gives the laser pointer another purpose (cause I think it's not very viable atm).
  10. I'm not thinking there is no teamplay mechanics in ww3. There are and the most prevalent is probably the BP/strike system. You can really make a difference while playing as a squad in this regard. But after playing 250h of this game (I like it as you can tell) I just wish there would be some more as just running around together as the only real way of having teamwork gets kinda stale at some point. As I'm saying there are teamplay mechanics ingame but I just wish there would be some more little things you could to with each other.
  11. I do agree with you that you can notice a good difference in BP and the ability to call in strikes (Jammers etc.). And you can make some good gameplay with that and have fun for some time. But the problem is that is one of few ways you can really have teamplay. You run around get to objectives, set a uav and a jammer and capture it. Rinse and repeat. Sometimes kill some people with a strike maybe even a tank. Do you need you squadmates to take specific roles to win? Do you need a ammo guy or someone with reconnaissance equipment? The 2 playerpacks you need right now are med pack and maybe equipment bag if you want to engage a tank out of a objective area. Do you have some interaction between the squad? You help kill stuff together but thats it, every action the squadmate does a equally skilled blueberry can do as well. Kill together, more people = more chance to take the objective , I agree but you don't need the squad for that. In a lot of matches you can see a big blob of people just running in a circle to capture points and the enemy team has the same blob. Weirdly enough those blobs rarely encounter each other. If it works that you can spawn on each other (thats just a bug I know). Seriously tho the distances between capture points are not that big that you can't get into the action within 15 seconds. As a coordinated squad via discord and everything of course people will spawn on you. Try that with randoms. See how many spawn on you. Why? Cause they don't see any benfit in doing so if they can just do it themselfs nearly as good as you do. Distances makes transport vehicles not very viable as well. How often did you have the thought "damn I could use someone with a transport vehicle right now"? If you have friends on discord of course you can make teamplay by running together and killing together + strikes (as infantry not vehicles). But what more? What can you do more than that? I think voip will alleviate some of these problems greatly but still I would love some more teamplay mechanics.
  12. First I don't want this to be a rant as there is a lot of things done right in this game and it is still in development. This is my biggest problem atm. Every game has teamplayers and lonewolfs. If you want a easy accessible game which connects with a lot of people you want to please both of these groups. Right now it is heavily shifted towards the lonewolf gameplay. There is nearly no reason to play together, no mechanic which allows you to play together and the few things that did boost teamplay got heavily nerfed. You don't need to stick together other than generating more points for strikes. Equipment: You don't have a classs system but you can pick different equipment packs which was once a incentive to stick together as you need health, ammo and other packs to stay in the fight. This was totally removed as you can get those on every capture point and you can just run around with meds. You don't need anyone at all to stay in the fight (favours lonewolfs, discourages teamplay). Points: This is the only thing where you can see a difference if you play alone or on a squad. You generate more BP but again you don't need your squad to generate a valid amount of points. You can easily get 2 mephistos, 2-4 tanks and a shitton of bombing runs if you go alone. So much in general that again I don't see a lot of people following orders cause they simply don't need to. (good for lonewolfs, good for teamplay) Vehicles: I rarely see someone playing 2 man tank squad as you don't need it to be effective. Yes someone in the rcws is nice to have but 95% of the power of the tank (100% for certain turrets like the 30mm BMPT27) comes from the driver. Drones fall into the no teamwork section as well because obvious reasons. (favours lonewolfs, weak teamplay capability) Spawn: The Squadleader is just another spawnpoint. You don't get anything from spawning on your squad (Less respawn time or something). Just spawn somewhere cause it doesn't matter. (favours lonewolfs, weak teamplay capability). Weapons: This is more a design choice of the devs as you don't have a class system with specific weapons everyone can have any weapon. So you don't need to specialize in your squad who has the anti tank weapons, long range, short range etc. cause everyone has every weapon anyway. This is per se not a problem as the game is designed this way but again it discourages teamplay as you can master any situation yourself without needing your teammates. (favours lonewolfs, discourages teamplay) I would just give everything to have some kind of teamplay/interaction between players. If you give me a support strike which changes my character to a full medic who only can walk, has 0 armor and only a pistol but can at least heal/get people up or anything I would play him just because I grave some teamplay mechanics. Or a tank where you can only drive and another one shoots. You get 0 kills the entire game and have a KD of -20 I would still go for it. Just something... anything.
  13. Then only this is left I guess.
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