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  1. Merry Christmas! I hope none of you have to work till next year
  2. You can already do this. Just press alt while healing/reloading and look around you.
  3. which you can only really hit if you are below or behind the chopper. If he is facing you you can't hit the weak point. So its a matter of pilot skill and awareness and not just mindless flying into the battle. I thinks its very good. The rocket pods are useless but I prefer that over what we had.
  4. Health is very good now imo. You can still tank a lot of shots but cant just fly into 6 people anymore expecting to kill everyone and just move on. Have you tried the 50cal on the chopper? 4500 bp cost and you can one or two shot people and just wreck them. But you have to aim and hit them to do so (I know crazy isn't it??). I agree the rocket pods are useless right now but the chopper with other weapons fells in a good state right now. (so you can see that you can kill people very easily without the risk of dying)
  5. It's a bug I think. You can fix it by leaving the chopper and reentering. Then the crosshair appears.
  6. After playing some rounds here are my 2 cents: Gameplay Lightning is weird sometimes. I like it in general as it looks good but sometimes it just bugs out and is overly bright/dark. The voip is good enough to understand each other so thats nice. Death screen is good. Vehicle HUD is meh. I don't like those very inaccurate "stripes" which indicate where your shots are going. Most of the times its just a guessing game. From a sight I expect accurate indication not just general area of shots hitting. Vehicles The different optics are mostly bugged (can't see after turning them on) Chopper: Good I like how much health the chopper has now. It really feels like a good balance now. I played with the 50cal guns and it felt awesome. You have a lot of killing potential without the risk of dying but have to be skillfull with it (direct hits not just aim in the general direction and everything dies). The price is also fairly good now. Bad: The rocket pods are totally useless against infantry. I havn't tried them against vehicles. I like it but I figure a lot of people don't like it. Also I don't want useless things in the game. I don't know how to balance them properly without them being annyoing and op but with the other guns the chopper feels great right now. Tanks: Oh boy. Is the base speed intended for MBTs? Getting in your big booms now is very ineffective as you can't escape any airstrike anymore. Wanna use your 6k tank? Nice but you are dead as soon as you hear "enemy airstrike". The only effective way I figured is by going cheap and spam. Just standart tank with a rcws nothing more. You don't take that much more damage but still can deal a lot of damage. And if you are getting killed inevitably by a airstrike you can get a new one fairly easy. I rather have the tank speed tied to the weight. So if you take a cheap one without armor it's quite fast. If you want to be a beast who can eat a lot you are quite slow. Infantry: Doesn't feel like much has changed except maybe more horizontal recoil on some guns? (not sure on this one) Spawn of Squadleader still bugs out sometimes and you spawn somewhere randomly.
  7. Wait for 1.0 for you judgement. It is a game in development. Many people think EA means a finished game but it means witnessing a game being built.
  8. It was some little things. TTK. I tried to adjust after the change they made but I just couldn't. I thought I need to get used to it after months of playing like that but still I'm not fond of it. The amount of strikespam made it way less fun. Of course helicopter drone. Every match with it was just no fun anymore. Its not about balance it was/is just not fun to fight against. I miss the bigger maps with more players. Was looking forward for some really big maps but instead they went smaller. (hope wz large comes back - a lot of unused awesome parts of the map are currently unused) I can't play on smolensk because it's so blurrys and I don't like the imo asymetric/unbalanced gameplay of moscow and polyarny. So there is only warsaw and berlin left which are nice maps imo but after 500h+ just 2 maps gets stale very quickly. So I'm currently just waiting and lurking in the forums and eagerly reading every patch notes until there is something which brings me back.
  9. I couldn't get on to the forum for the last few days and even before that sometimes it gets you a connection error. Someone else has the problem or is it on my end?
  10. Have you played with the old system? Cause I felt the opposite was the case. Maybe it was different players back then.
  11. +1 for me. The voice of my soldier originates left behind me. Very distracting.
  12. I don't know why it is a problem if you vaguely know where you got shot from. It is not specific at all and most players will move to attack the objective anyway. So it only impacts snipers a little bit (which isn't a bad thing). I don't know why everyone is so against this as it helps newcomers a lot and doesn't change anything for experienced players.
  13. The devs should not listen to anything on this forum. It's their game. They should take inspiration and feedback out of it and consider themself what is good and bad. Just because many people say something doesn't make it good cause most of them have no clue. Stopping the discussion to certain topics does not help at all in this regard. Just because we are writing something doesn't force the devs to change the game.
  14. Ah there he is. The one which charges in and tries to break up a nice discussion about different things and different opinions with "everything you say is dumb". Thank you for your nice contribution. The guided airstrikes are quite fast atm so I don't think you should have much of a problem of having to laze for too long. And if the drone gets destroyed or the player killed the rocket should just stay on it's last designated spot. The drone could have some kind of red light emitting out of it as soon as you start lazering/calling in the strike so you have some counter play. Repurposing it would be a nice idea. Not fully removing it but giving it a different role. The devs once said this game is more about the boots on the ground experince but still with elements like ground/air vehicles but just from infantry perspective. This would add some ground to air gameplay with staying true to their vision. But then again balancing would be not easy about it.
  15. There are plenty if you play right and don't try to shoot him from a very obvious position (like on a flag or something). Sometimes trying to brute force with your head through a tank is maybe not the best approach. Thats another interesting idea. I can see this being a good compromise as it encourages vehicle-infantry teamplay. You can take out a tank with a strike and do it quite effectively (a tank can't really shoot down a drone above him) but if you have infantry support which is a aware to their surroundings (or on voip with the tankdriver) they could take out the drone before it can take out the tank. Good idea.
  16. Then make the jammer work and you can't kill them with strikes anymore. Then you have to expose yourself to the tank to kill him with other means like rpg's. Which makes your point what exactly? You have to expose yourself to the tank anyway but instead of shooting your rpg at him and maybe doing like 20 damage and he knows where you are you just could take a good position, laze him and kill him instantly if you know what your are doing. If you try to stand in front of him on the open street of course you won't survive long but neither would you with a rpg in your hand. I disagree with your statement. This lazing technique will not be usefull in every situation as you need to think when to use it. But that makes it skillfull (big word right now I know) and not a jack of all trades where right now you see a tank and you kill him by clicking on a tablet.
  17. I really agree with that statement. As the devs said they want the game to be focused around infantry experience. What would be more epic than ordering a strike to a location and having to laze it in. You could pair it with some some audio as well "stormbreaker launched, confirm target via laser designation" or something like that. Would make it fun, challenging and would give the receiving party a chance to counter. Right now if you are in a tank and the enemy launches a mephisto its pretty much over for you. They more I play the more I have to agree with you on this point. I think the identity of this game was boots on the ground. Bringing in a chopper really diverted from this mentality and added a lot of other problems as well. But I don't know if they would want to remove it as they invested quite some time in it.
  18. I did not like the colours in bf1. Everything was extremly.... well colourfull. Like you are on some kind of LSD trip it was brighter than real life. It gave the whole game a kind of comic style feeling for me. WW3 & Bf4 do have a more realistic colouration in terms of urban maps imo. I do agree tho that smolensk maybe needs a little more divers colours sometimes. The others are fine imo.
  19. Everything on ultra. Don't know exactly what you need so there you go.
  20. Vehicles Yes. And I don't think you should have a hud in 3rd person at all. Also on the bottom left the soldier stats overlay with the vehicel hud which is really weird. You now have some weird 3sec delay when accelerating the tank. Is this on purpose? Killscreen I like the new killscreen. It's nice and not too obscuring. But it also shows every damage you ever took not just the damage which kills you. If you take a bullet 5mins before and heal yourself to full and then get killed it shows the damage 5mins ago and the damage now. Maybe make it only the damage which brought you down from 100 before your death is shown and not everything? Air strike The Hellfire/Stormbreaker/Mephisto air strikes have a deafening air whistle sound to it now. Maybe turn it down a little bit? Soldier I would love if you could disable your own soldiers voice for yourself. It is random and sometimes feels like it originates from somewhere left behind you and is overall distracting. Other than that I didn't play enough to give more feedback.
  21. I hope this is not intended so I'll post it into bug reports. In some spots the light is really bright.
  22. If you reload and cancel the reload by switching weapons as you character gets the mag into the weapon you gain 1 bullet. You can continue this for endless ammo (takes time but possible).
  23. If you enter the settings as you die (falling down animation) but can't see the the killscreen yet and wait until the killscreen closes by itself the overlay never disappears even when you respawn.
  24. You can't change the head hitmarker colour to white. The slider doesn't work.
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