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  1. I still see no option to this. Is it possible to disable the marker mod wise? I dunno, delting a ini file or something.
  2. Thank you Morp. You are great Devs! When I can get such a good responce, it's a plasure to wait a bit I am satisfied
  3. I am not asking for a removal, I am fine if they don't change at all. I just want a option to remove it at will, if you dont need or want it. (simplest solution)
  4. why? I have positive feedback for the devs. I love the game, just want bit more imersion! with a tiny option. They already have so much Hud costumination, so shouldn't be hard to disable it (as a option).
  5. Please make just a option to disable it, or someone a mod. I think the game has a great imersion and I rather play without the marker. Still hope a dev write a word to that topic, the game already have much HUD cosumination. Please add this tiny opetion to disable them!
  6. is there any news on this topic? I'd buy the game asap when they change it, also it's atm on sale!
  7. I am a Battlefield veteran and so I realy enjoyed your game so far. The WW2 setting of BF V makes it easy to wish some BF3/Squad like gameplay. But one thing is destroying the inclusion over and over again. It is the ugly hit direction marker.... It is one of the reasons I refunded the game via steam. You have realy good HUD options, please make one to disable that marker. (or if the community agree with me, make also and option to show some blood on screen, where the direction of the dmg is coming [like in BF]. I hope to see, some dev answering this. I love the style of the game, please let me have the inclusion to enjoy it. I'd buy it instant again if you make that option avaibale Great work so far for your small team!
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