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  1. I don’t think it gets old, every time I see it I’m cracking up in my seat. theres two people I hope to play with (not gonna mention names) one is complains about hackers or bugs or just everything the other HATES rpgs against infantry, he inspired me to make a only rpgs Loadout which, is really fun to use in TDM (its hard in war zone due to range) which makes people mad saying it’s op but it’s not you have to hit dead on which at that point you might as well use a g29. Anyway these two people always get in fights with other people and it is hilarious. (I mean specially with the new ttk I don’t think rpgs got changed) I can see how some (most) people would be annoyed @Omifa but I’m not bugged by it, I actually enjoy it.

    The TOR rifle

    I still have it in my inventory (I was pretty confused about that too) but IMO the g29 is better so why use it (unless against tanks of course). It does need to be some how removed though because people aren’t supposed to use it.

    Enemy Foot Steps

    Yeah, I have this same issue and never realized it, huh.
  4. You do realize two different groups work on bug fixing and making things right? but now I need to suggest a gun... 50. AE pistol of any kind.
  5. Yeah specially squad. but why would you want to? I personally find it hilarious. (I mean you obviously dislike it, @Omifa .)

    Bio Deathmatch (BD)

    That would kinda make sense.

    Double c(R)ash weekend

    Which I would’ve signed up but I don’t think I could’ve done it. Your so lucky though recon seems (from the descriptions) fun.

    Double c(R)ash weekend

    I have had multiple crashes kinda annoying, but did you notice? your both “recon units” I’m guessing your gonna play recon soon ay?

    Current Gameplay design

    I cant speak for squad but I’ve put hundreds of hours in r6 and 10s in insurgency sandstorm and IMO the gun play is great in R6 and insurgency sandstorm, maybe those aren’t your style of game that doesn't mean the utter garbage. I think fortnite sucks so bad but there’s people that like that style of gameplay (which I don’t understand but ok) that doesn’t mean it’s bad, each game caters to a audience Arma 3 to larpers, cs:go is a great competitive game, R6S is a more “tactical” competitive game, fortnite (from what I understand) people who used to play minecraft all those games cater to a audience but they might not be your kinda game.
  10. MOBBOB

    What did you played before ww3?

    R6S (a lot of people here played or play that game) Gmod more specifically TTT Little bit of insurgency sandstorm (Edit: isn’t this topic dead though? I mean it’s in the name before WW3 but now we have WW3 so we can trash the other games right?)
  11. MOBBOB

    Commands for team

    The whole spotting system in apex is really good.
  12. Wow great job on this post it was really good. I really want the Ameli in the game maybe some laser shooting cameras too?
  13. MOBBOB

    Current Gameplay design

    I’m actually enjoying the new gunplay. (Can’t tell much of a difference but...) I prefer games that punish me for being stupid like R6S and insurgency sandstorm (no people who play insurgency sandstorm aren’t what I’d call “larpers”) And I think that’s how WW3 is currently(atleast from my experience). Though I do wish armor was better it’s alright now maybe a slight buff by decreasing limb damage. also in games your “character” doesn’t necessarily die all the time you “dieing” is your soldier incapable of fighting anymore due to injuries. (Some of the time atleast if you get exploded from a grenade in your hand your dead) This is just my opinion though.
  14. MOBBOB

    Make Armour GREAT Again

    No, I think it’s fine.
  15. MOBBOB

    grenade launchers and attachments

    Yes please.