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  1. This should be awesome specially if you could use it as a sniper with the scope and bipod I really hope they add a revolver as long as it doesn’t have a firing delay like in the new cod or in csgo. A hand cannon ALWAYS fit in a game I mean how could you not like it?
  2. Sounds like the stamina and the suppression mechanics in insurgency sandstorm except it also effects bullet spread (in sandstorm it effects sway only) I’m kinda indifferent to this besides it effecting bullet spread maybe while hip firing but when ads with a long barreled rifle or dmr the bullets should go where I’m aiming

    Ps4/Xbox 1

    The most it could do is slow down updates which I don’t thinks is that big of a deal if more people can play this game unless theres crossplay which in that case it could be bad or good
  4. i think the map size is good just find the points people are fighting at and join them if you want more actiom
  5. I was watching some of the trailers and stuff for ww3 it looks like this was in the apparently it was removed not sure why thoughl
  6. Plus there adding some new weapons I know there adding the mp7 the Kac LMG and a 7.62 MSBS battle rifle plus the tor is coming back I think. Also wasn’t there gonna be a recoilless rifle back in like .6ish I think? I wonder what happened to that
  7. Oh I didn’t know that well umm... maybe he’s rusty? So he gets less rusty as you play or something?
  8. I don’t like the idea if you use a gun it gets better it makes sense in something like EFT because your just some dude but in WW3 your a trained soldier. also isn’t that attachments are for? Making your gun to fit your play style better for a trade off (with the grips) giving less horizontal recoil for more vertical recoil I think some are supposed to effect ads speed and equip speed as well probably a better way of giving a reward for using a gun is giving a skin or something
  9. There’s also people that might not even know the repair tool exists
  10. I haven’t had any problems with campers normally I die once and go back and throw a grenade and shoot them as they run that’s also why I want the walking for peeking corners and sneaking up on people. I don’t use crouching not because it’s slow but because it’s hard to hit head shots that way so I prefer standing. Yeah we are They probably won’t slow asking though most likely there gonna nerf sprinting to make it slower and make turbo sprinting slightly faster than what we have now Indeed, who knows maybe they even it have it planned but didn’t show it off yet.
  11. Whenever I am playing I keep trying to walk when peeking corners in the game because I’m kinda of used to it as it’s in most game I play. slow walking would be quieter then normal walking and slower than normal walking but faster than crouching so basically it would be in between the two or it could be slower than crouching as it is in some games so you can crouch-walk for super slow movement.
  12. Yeah if they increased the recoil and did some other things they might be able to make it a esport (if it was popular enough) breakthrough would probably work for the mode too seeing as that’s smaller. Also If someone could gather the players they could make their own e-sports league I’m sure the developers would support it. I’m not good enough to play in it but if it did exist I would watch it if it was streamed anywhere.
  13. There’s 3 guns I want in this game 1 a revolver of any kind 2 a desert eagle and 3 any kind of weapon meant to use suppressor so this would be awesome I think. Also does anyone else think this looks like a SA80?
  14. This sounds cool but it would be a lot of work probably not worth it but that’s up to the devs
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