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  1. Can double confirm my SA80 (short) keeps going to medium
  2. Alright I forgot about this one so I’m going back and giving my reply. once again good job I mean you put more effort in this than I do in a lot of things.... hmm... I should fix that. so the guns that stick out the most are the VSS, the DSR 1, the Dragunov, and the Thor 408. So firstly the Vintorez why? Well it has a huge suppressor and has sub-sonic bullets need anything else? next the DSR1 now close range sniping is a weird idea for me, being I’m not a cod player or ever really played it extensively and to be honest with you I dislike sniping. But it looks awesome with the 2 mags and if I’m not mistaken it’s the back mag is works and the front one is a extra one. A way to balance something like this is to treat it like the cs from counterstrike 2 mags and that’s it. Next the Dragunov mainly why it sticks out is it’s a AK sniper. I dislike semi auto snipers though and that could be from playing quite a bit of insurgency 1 and sandstorm but I like bolt actions as well because there’s almost nothing more satisfying then get that one hit headshot with a bolter. The Thor I say it’s a suiting name this sniper is the one you sit back on your sniper spot (add more please f51) and watch a sight due to it being heavy and slow. I like that kinda of sniper dark_dp could still slap a thermal scope on and out play everyone in cqb with it though. I would comment on the teaser but I’m SUPER late I was gonna reply but then I forgot and forgot and here I am now replying good job again. Though I think snipers are used kinda aggressively because lack of vantage points (again, please f51) for snipers so the Thor might be a little worse. I’ve seen defensive sniper used very well but I think we need those nice sniper spots.
  3. Ah yes I have time to reply. I can say you did very well on this series-thing and I hope the devs really consider every thing you’ve said. Alright so the guns that stick out the most to me are the Famas g2 the AN94 and the BR18. The famas sticks out for its amazing firerate currently may favorite weapon to use (on pte) is the SA80 and the famas just seems better harder to use SA80. Though this gun would have the same problem as the SA80 people think it’s bad everyone seems to hate the SA80 but I love it and I feel the Famas is gonna be like that. next is the AN94 because... If you haven’t come to figure out yet I love fast firing guns like I said my favorite gun to use is the SA80 so I want that 1800 round burst I don’t care how op or how bad I need 180 round burst. and last the BR18 why it looks cool that’s it. Literally. well it’s the end of this I definitely enjoyed these and think that there good suggestions. Grenades and gadgets maybe you say?..... interesting....
  4. I prefer the way it is but if that was added I wouldn’t quit or anything just be like “oh ok” and then move on and keep playing.
  5. It’s not a problem I wasn’t playing WW3 at the time of these so I’ve never seen them.
  6. Ok so you mean I can add x amount of weight and carry both med kit and ammonpack? If that is what you mean then I prefer the current system.
  7. Trying to revive old topics ay? I think the game now has the “hardcore” ttk but those other things like the injury thing sound really not fun.
  8. That would be kind of neato. I think it’s fine the way it is. I carry ammo packs (I have rpg in my main load out) and I’m constantly at low health which forces me to seek out a team mate with a health pack. If I had friends that played WW3 I would hope they would run med packs then we would be a good combo. You may see this as a negative but I see this as a positive. I like they freedom of WW3 that’s one reason I play it.
  9. I like the strikes the way they are tanks aren’t op airstrikes could use a buff but there fine I guess. I think tanks are balanced really well there powerful but they take skill to drive and to take out. and if I’m not mistaken there are tutorials.
  10. I don’t really agree with the whole “specialist” thing but that Would be amazing.
  11. I don’t like using inverted mouse personally but for those who do (like you) it would be a nice quality of life feature
  12. Would be useful on some maps that have darker areas like c2 on Berlin.
  13. Sound is definitely important. there working hard on it I heard, so probably sound better soon?
  14. I get pretty much the same amount of FPS on pte and live but on pte all settings are ultra and on live all settings are on low and even then pte is still more consistent.
  15. DESCRIPTION OF BUG (required: if the possible provide screenshots or video): so I was hesitant to report this bug because I like it so much and some one said they did (I think) but I didn't see it on the forums (they probably did it on the steam forums). here is a video of me testing it out there is no audio because I messed it up in editing. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ekypXWQhNc0&feature=youtu.be I did get 2 kills with it though only have one recorded . sorry about the quality its really bad GAME BUILD ID (required: please go to the game's properties on Steam and find it under the local files tab at the bottom):3715425 STEPS TO REPRODUCE (required):Use the DMG SYSTEM SPECIFICATIONS (required for crash or performance issues): N/A CRASH LOG (if any):N/A
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