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  1. Even then they didn’t deny or confirm it but they did heavily hint towards it
  2. I didn’t see anything where does it say that?
  3. Micro transactions are confirmed and f2p is heavily hinted at but they haven’t straight up said it’s going f2p but it probably will
  4. Honestly I don’t think the devs listen maybe it Has been too long since a update but I haven’t seen a suggestion implemented in forever
  5. Hopefully they are just cosmetic micro transactions it was probably this or no game so ftp might just be the way. I feel like the toys from toy story because I’m like I knew the would come but I didn’t want it to
  6. Looks like it’ll go f2p but at least there is news
  7. This should be awesome specially if you could use it as a sniper with the scope and bipod I really hope they add a revolver as long as it doesn’t have a firing delay like in the new cod or in csgo. A hand cannon ALWAYS fit in a game I mean how could you not like it?
  8. Sounds like the stamina and the suppression mechanics in insurgency sandstorm except it also effects bullet spread (in sandstorm it effects sway only) I’m kinda indifferent to this besides it effecting bullet spread maybe while hip firing but when ads with a long barreled rifle or dmr the bullets should go where I’m aiming

    Ps4/Xbox 1

    The most it could do is slow down updates which I don’t thinks is that big of a deal if more people can play this game unless theres crossplay which in that case it could be bad or good
  10. i think the map size is good just find the points people are fighting at and join them if you want more actiom
  11. I was watching some of the trailers and stuff for ww3 it looks like this was in the apparently it was removed not sure why thoughl
  12. Plus there adding some new weapons I know there adding the mp7 the Kac LMG and a 7.62 MSBS battle rifle plus the tor is coming back I think. Also wasn’t there gonna be a recoilless rifle back in like .6ish I think? I wonder what happened to that
  13. Oh I didn’t know that well umm... maybe he’s rusty? So he gets less rusty as you play or something?
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