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  1. lol jammer is also has multible purposes so that was a pretty bad argument, and the devs are already aware of the hit reg issues
  2. Nahh they would just ignore it and not put it down, we already have squad leaders that doesn't give any orders so this would be 5x worse
  3. lol u have 8 different loadouts that u can equip a jammer on. That's like saying why should i have to waste a gun slot for a RPG to take out a tank
  4. They are bugged and have been bugged since PTE 0.6
  5. Even on smolensk the objectives are very close together so there still wouldn't be a reason to use quads. It would just be faster to just respawn on a closer objective. And if u aren't close to one of the objectives u would have to run all the way back to a capture point and then take a quad and drive it to the next.
  6. lol reducing the movement won't do much. The maps currently aren't big enough for transport vehicles to be needed most of the time.
  7. Current system makes it easier for squads to stick together. Before everyone would just spread out and not stay with the squad
  8. First the mode in the video was warzone large which is currently disabled 2. Back then the max playercount per server was higher
  9. Nahh unlike Cod i can actually kill people even if they fire first with weapons better than mine
  10. Well from what i've been told they are all busy fixing the issues that the engine update caused at the moment
  11. He is already well aware of the issues. All of this is just repeats of things said multible times before
  12. lol so just because it takes attension away from the rest of the game for 2 players and isn't fun for them to deal with, it should be removed? Ok then let's remove tanks aswell since it does the same.
  13. 1. Literally nobody uses the missile RCWS and that's exactly one of the reasons why so you kinda just played yourself with that example 2. You actually get 2 mags
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