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  1. No idea why people think they are OP
  2. Pretty sure the no kill message is a bug or i atleast really hope it is Also still think breakthrough should be 30 players
  3. Kinda disappointed that the playercount wasn't increased to 30 or something. Still think the gamemode would be better with 30 people,
  4. Still want burst fire with single fire option only weapons
  5. I think vehicle armor is just bugged ln general in PTE
  6. I agree on everything besides the different stock vehicles. Also there should be some objective location changes aswell because some of these are really bad. A good location for example is by the crashed airplane on berlin. That's a perfect location for a objective
  7. Armor is actually bugged currently. Same with APS
  8. I want more explantion on the different armor options and their damage reduction against RPGs and stuff like that. And turret armor thickness aswell
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