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  1. I also tested it's missile redirection with the guided missiles on UGV. It didn't work
  2. Yep can confirm that they aren't working
  3. Nope, no way they will be able to make 4 new maps, new weapons, strikes, breakthrough gamemode and finish recon in 3 months. It's 100% getting delayed
  4. That would be true if that was the only weakpoint the heli had. The front and the sides of the heli are also weakpoints and the rotor aswell. A i don't mind the rockets not being as useful as the machine guns against infantry but it could have been done a lot better without making them useless
  5. Well actually they gave it a really easy to hit weakpoint on it's belly which if hit, u can destroy it in around 30 lmg shots. Also i was refering to the rocket balance being poor. The machine guns are fine
  6. Agreed they nerfed the heli to basically a flying papper plane. Why would i pay 7500 BP for a heli with rockets that can't even kill infantry and dies in 6 seconds when being shot at? I don't know who the balancing guy is but he or they did a very poor job with these changes
  7. Oh wow that’s horrible. Really hope they change this
  8. They should have just nerfed the damage and firerate of the rockets instead but noooo that would make too much sense. Now heli drone is basically a flying papper plane that can be destroyed in 30 bullets if u hit the big plate on it's belly. The machine guns are also completly useless now. No idea who thought this was good idea
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