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  1. lol first it doesn't have unlimited ammo so if you had even used the bloody thing then you would know that. Also it's super easy to take down so calm the **** down /weedtime
  2. It's the same at slow speed and even BTR can turn a lot better at high speed
  3. ok so lets start with abrams. I don't know If this is a bug or if this change was intended but abrams used to be very maneuverable with great turning speeds. but now it's turning speed is extremely slow and it can barely even turn a corner without it taking 5+ seconds and legit takes over 10 seconds to do a 180 degree turn. This change or bug has made the abrams the worst MBT currently. since all tanks have the same HP from what we know and tanks like LEO has armor that covers it's entire body which abrams doesn't, this change or bug removed the only advantage abrams had over the other tanks and just makes it super annoying to use. Here is a video showing how bad it is. This video is from the current live build but this change or bug is still present in the current PTE 0.6.10 build. my suggestion is to fix this if it is a bug or give abrams back it's maneuverability it had a few patches ago because this change ruined this tank. now to the new commando vehicle. the problem with this vehicle is pretty much exactly the same as Abrams. it's turning speed is extremely slow which also makes this vehicle very annoying to use and kinda ruins it as well. In this video at 0:31 i try my hardest to turn left on this road but it's turning speed is so bad i couldn't even do it if this is a bug then fix it and if this is intended then change it. Another thing is that this vehicle is a huge missed opportunity. Currently it's basically just another IFV just like the BTR. instead of the IFV cannon you should have given it the RCWS grenade launcher weapon instead. It would have made the vehicle unique and not just another IFV vehicle that we don't even need. All the nade launcher RCWS weapon needs is a buff to it's range before the nade drop starts because currently it's range sucks, and this vehicle would be a fun and unique new vehicle.
  4. New commando vehicle isn't in PTE at all in the current build. Guess they forgot to add it to the vehicle list
  5. 50 player warzone large should be fine if possible. Not having warzone large in the game would be a big mistake to be honest. Not only was is the best and most enjoyable versions of the current maps but it also showed of ww3 at it's prime. so i hope you guys don't give up on it. Would be a huge missed oppertunity if you did
  6. Best to wait for offical dev response on the matter
  7. Devs i think the best option is to delay the free weekend until after the engine and animation updates or atleast after engine update. You need to give the best impression possible and feel like doing free weekend before all of this stuff is a bad idea. And from what i have seen so far, a lot of people agree
  8. Max playercount per server increased in 0.7 or 0.8? And will warzone large come in 0.7 or 0.8?
  9. Also heli drone hitreg is broken so most hit you do won't register
  10. yeah if you can aim you can do pretty good with them but if you compare their power to the rockets weapons, they are pretty bad
  11. so I recently Heard from a dev that you guys plan to increase heli drone price to around 5000 default a long side hitreg fix. Even tho the main thing that makes heli drone super strong and makes it super easy to go 50/0 is it's rocket weapons and it ability to 1 hit infantry and destroy tanks super easily. But the issue with this change is how it fucks with the other weapons like the MGs. 5k points for a heli that has pretty meh MG weapons is way to much. MGs are currently very meh weapons and have a lot of downsides. it can't do anything against vehicles and require good aim to use and get kills unlike the rocket weapons. So my suggestion is that instead of you increasing the default price of the heli itself, you increase the BP cost of the rocket weapons to whatever value you think is best. This will make the super powerful helis cost much more while the ones with MG still are useful. also before coming with arguments against this if you have any, please make sure you actually have used the MGs before
  12. The vehicle hit numbers are bugy and don't represent your actual damage to a vehicle, i got 1k vehicle hit damage when using a repair tool against a vehicle and the game said i did 1 vehicle hit against a tank with Light cannon but i actually did a lot more
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