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  1. Also you need to consider the person using the heli drone, wasting 1 mag of ammo only takes a few seconds you would be flying back to Base rearming more than actually fighting which would just make it very annoying to use 2. If nobody has a jammer on your team that's your teams fault, no need to nerf it because people don't want to use jammers or the other tools to take it out 3. Instead of using small arms you need to be using RPGs and learn how to hit them which isn't very hard 4. Vehicles like APCs can easily take it out with the cannon by exploiting it's weakness by staying close to it forcing it to decend and get within firing range
  2. This Kinda seems to big of a nerf to something that can very easily be taken out
  3. Nahh it's pretty easy to take out heli drone with RPG if you compensate for it's movements and RPG travel speed, i've taken out around 5 heli drones with RPGs no problem
  4. By how easy it is to take out a heli drone, it's price is currently fine
  5. You can jam a heli drone with jammers so it's not really that OP
  6. No they can still call in stuff aslong as the guy calling it in isn't inside the jammer area, also sometimes the bombs don't drop, it's a bug but it happens very rarely
  7. lol m4 nerf? Why? T. It's not even close to being OP and there are better weapons so i don't know WTF people are talking about, also the update has been out for less than 24 hours and you are already asking for nerf
  8. Performance still very bad with major stutters and framedrops
  9. Live version ttk is not balanced at all Also:
  10. Guys this entire discussion is unnecessary, ttk has already been changed in 0.5 PTE
  11. Never seen RPG being spammed in over 200 hours of playtime so nahhh, it's not an issue
  12. No tested it for myself, the Anders is actually broken
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