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  1. No not yet, game not ready to be advertised yet. Better if we wait for stuff like new animations
  2. Ragir has been gone for a few days now
  3. Let's hope recon is more tactial since they are calling it a tactical royal
  4. Pretty sure a lot of the bfv community hated the ttk increase
  5. I like the current gunplay and ttk tho i think some guns have a hit too much horizontal recoil. Like the sig for example
  6. Heli is actually extreamly weak right now and can be destroyed in 50-60 5.56 AR shots but right now it currently has a bug where it's hitbox glitches out so that's why he didn't die 2 min after spawing like most do
  7. Tell me, when was the last time u actually saw someone dominating in a heli drone? And what heli drone weapon were they using?
  8. We were talking about this and this grip BTW
  9. Ok i don't what u guys are talking about but i saw grip and recoil so i think i have an idea so just going to pull something i said in discord about the grips.
  10. It's currently bugged, so that when holding shift, your hitbox bugs out Also for anyone trying to exploit it. Doing it can get u banned
  11. No idea why people think they are OP
  12. Pretty sure the no kill message is a bug or i atleast really hope it is Also still think breakthrough should be 30 players
  13. Kinda disappointed that the playercount wasn't increased to 30 or something. Still think the gamemode would be better with 30 people,
  14. Still want burst fire with single fire option only weapons
  15. I think vehicle armor is just bugged ln general in PTE
  16. I agree on everything besides the different stock vehicles. Also there should be some objective location changes aswell because some of these are really bad. A good location for example is by the crashed airplane on berlin. That's a perfect location for a objective
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