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  1. DESCRIPTION OF BUG : For some vehicles, in some cases, IR adjust after activating it, making it really hard to see anything, everything blends together GAME BUILD ID : 4275060 STEPS TO REPRODUCE : It doesn't happen all the time, for example i haven't had the issue the last time i use the LEO tank with the same IR feature. I've attached a picture to show : left is immediately after activating it, right is a few seconds later.
  2. I actually just understood why this happens, i try to turn too fast, like in a tank, if you rotate more than 180°, it just rotates to the other side because the distance is shorter. Maybe disable that mechanic for heli drone?
  3. DESCRIPTION OF BUG : Sometimes when attempting to turn with heli, it rotates back in the other direction. GAME BUILD ID : 3981881 STEPS TO REPRODUCE : Use heli and try to rotate. video : https://streamable.com/0ty6a here you can see i try to rotate to the right, but it pulls back to the left, 3 times in a row
  4. DESCRIPTION OF BUG : Front windows on B2 Polarnyj block shells from IFV Wolverine. First few shells didn't damage the enemy, so then i shot a few more to confirm, and it doesn't hit the ceiling inside the building, it's blocked by the window. GAME BUILD ID : 3829460 STEPS TO REPRODUCE : Try shooting through them. Video : https://streamable.com/a7yqh
  5. DESCRIPTION OF BUG : RPG ammo is reset when switching ammo type. GAME BUILD ID : 3829460 STEPS TO REPRODUCE : Pick RPG and refill ammo, then switch ammo type. video : https://streamable.com/r0a1g
  6. No problem, are you able to replicate this bug?
  7. M.2 Samsung SSD 500gb - 32gb DDR4 RAM - Intel 8600k - GTX 1060 3Gb Another video on populated server, at one point it goes from ~150 down to 65. https://youtu.be/4f2wG2VtfhI
  8. I reported the first bug here back in 0.5 :
  9. DESCRIPTION OF BUG : Opening the map drops the framerate, between 10-30 fps, both on empty and populated servers. In the video, i'm at 150-170 fps so i can't tell the difference, but It is quite noticeable when playing on full server and my framerate is about 70 and then i quickly open / close the map several times and it drops to 45 and back to 70. GAME BUILD ID : 3829460 STEPS TO REPRODUCE : Open the map ingame. video : https://youtu.be/7ziRDC1aSsI
  10. DESCRIPTION OF BUG : Mobile spawn machine gun deals no damage, and hits don't register. GAME BUILD ID : 3829460 STEPS TO REPRODUCE : Enter mobile spawn, switch to 2nd spot, try to shoot enemies. This has happened both times i tried to use it, on 2 different servers. Also near the end of the video, the aim was locked for some reason. video (it's the same video posted on the #videos channel on discord : https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/453543773864198144/579418850228043777/ww3-mobile_spawn_bug.webm
  11. I wasn't stuck, i deployed afterwards, but yeah, just hold tab before the end of warmup and the character will stay spawned.
  12. Yeah, i can confirm it can be reproduced easily : https://streamable.com/m390c
  13. DESCRIPTION OF BUG : This was just after warmup, my player is spawned somewhere and i can shoot/switch guns. I think it has something to do with pressing tab to open the map. GAME BUILD ID : 3696335 STEPS TO REPRODUCE : I think it has something to do with pressing tab to open the map at the end of warmup. video : https://streamable.com/4kyw4
  14. DESCRIPTION OF BUG : Shotgun reloads all my spare ammo. GAME BUILD ID : 3614517 STEPS TO REPRODUCE : Fire a couple rounds with shotgun (MCS), reload and as it is reloading, switch to medic syringe, then switch back to shotgun. video : https://streamable.com/seqy4
  15. I don't think anyone dropped the game because of lack of content, when you take into account how little content there is in other recent, popular FPS games. WW3 already offers more than enough in that regard. However it does have problems when it comes to stability, bugs, optimization, server issues, hitreg, incomplete gameplay mechanics... and THOSE are the reasons i don't play the game as often as i'd like.
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